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Nachos BellGrande, sometimes spelled Nachos Bell Grande, are the largest serving of nachos found on the regular menu at Taco Bell. Nachos BellGrande contains a heaping portion of crispy tortilla chips topped with ground beef, diced tomatoes, re-fried beans, nacho cheese sauce, and a dollop of sour cream, finished off with a sprinkle of green onions on top. Even some of the ingredients in the Steak Nachos BellGrande have better names, like the carne asada steak and nacho cheese sauce. Webmiztris – I think if they used real live Mexicans, the price of it would be a lot cheaper, because Mexicans would work for less than bratty 16-year-olds.
The first time I had the Nachos Bell Grande from Taco Bell was when I was in middle school.

If you have a broiler, you can broil for a few minutes to heat up the platter of deliciousness. I can't wait until I get an oven with an actual broiler, so I can do these again with the nachos getting a little soft in the middle - because that would make them perfect.
And they go well with beer and testosterone. As for the provenance of this dish -- it is only loosely Mexican, the way that chop suey or fortune cookies are Chinese.
He likes to top his with shiitake mushrooms, sauteed with green onion, bell peppers, poblano chiles and garlic.
It may be served with refried beans and scrambled eggs. To which we say, that's very nice, but give us our cheesy, greasy, diet-busting, crunchy-on the-outside-soggy-in-the-middle, fabulous nachos.

No rules, here, remember. Tortilla chips or premade wonton chips may be substituted for the wonton pi.

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