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I will disclose all my secrets step by step in my next few posts but before I finish today here is a clarification that neither am I a dietician nor a trainer but yes I am someone who realized in time that the most precious thing in this world is ME. From being a skinny teenaged girl to an obese person, this client went through a lot of turbulence regarding her weight and body!
This client of IWB was struggling with obesity as she is also suffering from PCOS, but when she joined the program there was no looking back for her as she tremendously lost weight. This is a recent client of IWB Weight Loss Program and she shared her experience quite recently on Indian Weightloss Blog. So, these were some of the clients who were generous enough to come forward and share their weightloss journey experiences to let people know about how their lives changed! As for me, I think this is really thoughtful on their part and people should be made aware so that anyone who is struggling with obesity issues should not be stressed but instead should work towards improving their lifestyle and making necessary changes.
If you too think you are over-weight and want to lose weight in a natural way without crash diet plans with just a few lifestyle changes, then do join our Weightloss Program here. Parineeti says that she gains weight very easily and so maintaining the weight is really important.

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Remember there are so many women out there waiting to get inspired by true life weight loss achievers and I am one of them.
Today I wanted to share some of the recent achievements of the IWB Weight Loss Program through the different client testimonials that talked about how this weight loss program has changed their life!
When there is no motivation from inside no matter you hire the best weight loss program, nothing is going to work for you!
One thing she swears  is to religiously follow the instructions of the IWB Weighloss Team and  never cheated all through the program because there were no restrictions on any particular food except Carbs and regular workout made things quite simple. She talks about how after marriage she gained weight very quickly and that all her efforts of losing weight went in vain even after joining the gym, there was no weightloss. You should have minimum 1200 calories otherwise body goes into starvation mode leading to weight stall. But our client had been strong throughout her weight loss journey and learned a lot about how as a person it is up to yourself to take charge of your life and make changes in it for good, for better!

Well, she joined the IWB Weightloss Program and was really happy to see the weighing scale go down gradually.
Thankfully she landed on to IWB Weightloss Program and joined it immediately without further delay. I generally find middle women aged women whining about their weight and health but doing nothing. It’s important to do resistance exercises for not letting muscles go lose while losing weight. Well, she is a happy person after month of hard work and motivation from the IWB team, she managed to come down to a weight of 69kg from 80.5 kg.

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