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3 Day Protein Diet Plandietrikona2 Aug 2012A protein diet, as the name suggests, is a diet plan that focuses on high protein foods and aims to cut down carbohydrates and fats from the diet.
The most obvious benefit of any protein centric diet would be increase in total muscle mass. Higher the muscle mass, higher the basal metabolic rate; thus, a protein based diet helps increase BMR. Protein rich foods have a high satiety value, which makes one feel full for a longer time after meals. However, one must realize that the 3 day protein diet is a highly regimented diet plan and proper meal planning is the key to experiencing the benefits of the diet. Avoid high carb food like pasta, rice, noodles, pastries, white flour products, ice-cream, chocolate, lollies and sweets, non-diet soft drinks, fruit juice, and salad dressings throughout the diet regimen. This diet is planned for a short span start up program for weight loss or muscle building and it must NOT be followed for more than 3 days. By eating high protein low carb foods, a dieter tries to get up to 40% of their daily caloric needs from proteins alone. While a diet comprising mainly of high protein low carb foods is eaten for a short period of time, it poses no serious health risks.
High cholesterol – a diet rich in meats, especially red meats for proteins, will increase cholesterol levels in the body. Lack of nutrition – Since high protein diets restrict intake of fruits and vegetables to quite a limit, they result in nutritional deficiencies that can also lower immunity in the body and increase risk to fatal diseases like cancer.

Ketosis – While Ketosis initially burns off fat reserves, if the body stays in the state of ketosis for too long it exposes the body to many dangers. To begin with, understand that your body will require a steady source of carbohydrate every day for healthy functioning of all organs. If you are trying to achieve fast weight loss, a diet comprising of only high protein low carb foods is not a bad idea.
This entry was posted on August 28, 2013 by woodenitbeamazing in Fitness and tagged Atkins Diet, bad carbs, best high protein low carb foods, complex carbs, Good carbs, high fiber content, High Protein- Low Carb Diet, Ketosis, low glycemic index, low-carb-high-protein diet. Eating breakfast and definitely not skipping it is essential for revving up your metabolism if you ve got weight loss on the mind. Star jones had weight loss surgery free high portien diets secret anorexia weight loss tips atkins diet plan for men Energy weight loss pill Some plant-based foods are higher in protein percentage than others, however, so making.
The aim of this work was to determine the effects in rats of ingesting 1 of 3 diets with normal or high protein concentrations and various carbohydrate:lipid ratios. Get familiar with high-protein gluten-free foods to ensure that your body is getting the protein it needs to do its job, and use a tool like The Daily. This is an obvious plus point for someone who is into bodybuilding, muscle building, or athletic activities.
But if followed for too long, the effects can be damaging from mild to severe, based on how strictly the diet is being followed and also for how long you plan to continue it. Eat eggs through the day – scrambled for breakfast, boiled eggs chopped in to a salad for lunch and a low carb dinner of frittata.

However, for a longer run, try and include more whole grains, fruits and vegetables in to the diet to make it more balanced. A 3 day protein diet is recommended as a start up program for those who are planning to embark upon a weight loss regime and those who want to build up their muscle mass. Research shows that hunger and blood sugar fluctuations are the major reasons for unhealthy snacking and sugar craving, thus the protein diet helps establish healthy eating patterns.
Nuts are one of the healthiest high protein low carb foods as they offer more than just protein.
This will also result in wanted weight loss over a long period of time while reducing risk to chronic diseases that are a result of too much protein intake. Eggs and dairyare good sources of protein; unfortunately, they can also be high in saturated fat and cholesterol.
In reality, a diet that is too high in protein can never be best…until and unless you are a sport star and your physical exertion levels actually require you to ingest so much protein. Available Phase 2 Diet Plan - Protein Diet - Ketogenic Diet - Eurodiet A Protein Diet Menu is not making America over weight.

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