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A guided weight loss program, such as Weight Watchers, may be more effective than the self-help approach, according to a study conducted by Baylor College of Medicine and sponsored by Weight Watchers. The study of 292 overweight and obese adults, completed over six months, was split into two groups, 147 in the Weight Watchers group and 145 in the self-help group. This study comes a few months after Weight Watchers Chief Financial Officer Nicholas Hotchkin addressed the company’s declining earnings in its second quarter meeting, accrediting some of the loss to the “sudden explosion of interest in free apps and activity monitors”.
The price for the full 12-week program is $250 per person, plus the cost of a Campus Rec membership (if not a UNL student or a current CREC member). Group exercises, education classes and support sessions are led weekly by licensed and certified professional staff who have more than 30 years of combined weight loss experience. You must have a BMI score of 27.5 or higher or be at least 30 pounds overweight to enroll in the program.

These are ideas and links to help you with Weight Loss or Exercise Class Meetings within your Women's Ministry. Learning the Christian Weight Loss Support Groups Christian Weight Loss Support Groups can help you shed pounds off your body. The recent popularity of Bod4God suggests that the Scripture-hungry are gobbling up the advice from faith-based weight-loss programs. The official launch pad for all sites relating to Weigh Down Ministries, Gwen Shamblin, and Remnant Fellowship Church.
The self-help group was given a set of resources online to read about and then encouraged to lose weight based solely on that library of information. But the strongest predictor of the Weight Watchers groups’ weight loss was the group meetings, which members would generally spend money on.

You get 35 group exercise sessions, 20 nutrition sessions, 6 group meals and 3 individual wellness assessments for nutrition, fitness and goal setting.
Total weight loss will differ among individuals, but results can be expected if you follow and adhere to all programs guidelines.
Unlike previous studies that used Weight Watchers, this one incorporated three programs — meetings, mobile apps and online tools. Shame, fear or anything that might keep you from meeting with Him for your time of exercise.

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