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Individual results vary for every client based on the number of times per week they train and outside factors such as nutrition and adherence to programs.
Fitness Goal Personal Training is now offering an exciting new Online Strength and Conditioning service for athletes of all sports.
We not only offer exceptional programs for athletes, but design effective general training programs for weight loss, muscle gain and all fitness needs! Have a custom made program written to suit your specific needs by our expert strength coach Fernando Solis – Level 1 ASCA coach. There’s no doubting that 1 on 1 face to face coaching is the best way to get properly trained, supervised and motivated – but the financial investment of 2-3 sessions per week can be unaffordable for some.
After an extensive consultation we will design an online training program that is right for your needs so you can achieve true sporting excellence! If you have experience in the gym I would highly recommend our professional online personal training service to you – It’s designed by an expert coach, is cost effective and it works! Remember: You will receive a custom designed personal training program written specifically for you by a qualified, professional and internationally experienced strength and conditioning coach.
Fernando also has an excellent record with his injury prevention and rehabilitation programs – so get stronger and reduce your risk of getting injured!

Our programs are designed to work in with your current weekly sporting commitments and will compliment your weekly club or team training. The Road To Fitness Online Personal Training Program allows you to easily stay in contact and communicate with your trainer daily. Receive online Strength Training, Cardiovascular Training and Nutritional Consulting, Guidance and Coaching. The printable workout program comes with instructional photos, videos and detailed written instructions that can be followed while you complete your workout.
After you complete your workout, update the results of your workout so your trainer can monitor your progress. Each exercise assigned in your program includes a detailed, step-by-step, written description. Your trainer will keep you on track whether you have a session or you are doing a workout on your own.
Receive custom workout programs with handy workout cards and online tracking to record your results.
The Road To Fitness Online Personal Training Program helps you stay connected with your trainer.

If you are unsatisfied for any reason after your first session with one of our trainers, we will refund your money with no questions asked. Your online personal training program consists of custom designed workouts (based on your experience level, preferences, goals, needs, equipment available and time constraints) emailed directly to your inbox. This allows your trainer to keep track of your workout history and manage future workouts accordingly.
The Road To Fitness Online Personal Training Program makes it easy to keep you motivated and focused.
This is a great extra value and provides you and your trainer better visibility to your complete and upcoming activities.
With our Nutrition Services you receive a complete meal planning and tracking program that is based upon government approved USDA Food Pyramid guidelines. Your trainer can even track skipped workouts (optional) and send you messages to keep you motivated (optional).

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