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With all of the swim parties, lessons, baseball games, and vacation days this summer your fitness may have taken a back seat to all of the fun.  The back-to-school season is the perfect time for you to refocus your fitness and make it a priority. The possibilities to get in a great workout or program this year are endless.  If you need more guidance or would like more ideas, leave your just leave your comment below. Ember Ormsby, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, is a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness and Pilates Instructor in Houston, TX with over 10 years of fitness, sport and recreational experience.
If you enjoyed this post or found it useful, sign up for regular drills and ideas for free via our email updates. Get more like this each week If you liked this post, sign up to the email list and get new ideas sent to you weekly! Unique exercises, workouts and drills for using car tyres and battling ropes to help your bootcamp stand out from the rest.
I recently received some questions about Bootcamp Fitness Games from a reader and wanted to share the questions and my answers with you. A different fielder must run to home base each time in order to keep everyone involved.  Bootcamp instructor watches form and keeps track of points.

Frogger is a fun, fast paced game for your bootcampers that’s going to keep a team of three constantly moving. As bootcamp trainers, we are constantly competing with this internal chatter to both attract and retain clients, particularly with women. Send an email, a text, a note to a select small group of your bootcampers after each session. So there you go, three ways you can increase fun in your bootcamps and stand out from crowd. Before moving to Houston, Ember was the Fitness and Outdoor Recreation Coordinator at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA.
You are directly competing with this endless to do list, and simply touting the benefits of your bootcamp may not be enough to either attract a bootcamper or retain her.
An example of a feature is “Our bootcamp is 30 minutes long” A benefit is “Our bootcamps are only 30 minutes so you can maximize your results in the least amount of time” Selling benefits is important, but it may not be the tipping point you are looking for in a client’s decision making process on whether to join YOUR bootcamp.
Take as many photos as you can of your bootcamp sessions – you never know when you’re going to capture that perfect shot.

Give your bootcampers a chance to connect on a social level before they every start their first squat.
The bonuses are: Fitness Workout Ideas #1, #2 and #3 which consist of 56 proven bootcamp workouts from my own bootcamp. I remember talking with one potential client about my bootcamp and I had ticked off all the benefits of the bootcamp.
Reading bullet points about your benefits may not attract potential bootcampers or have the staying power that visual testimonials and amusing clips of your bootcampers will. So make sure the interaction you have with a potential bootcamper is memorable in a positive way, and fun.

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