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More Flexibility, A Stronger Core, Greater Distance, Improved Consistency, and Better Fitness Levels are One Step Away!
Chris Ownbey’s Golf fitness DVD “The Ultimate Golf fitness Series”  had been written to present you with numerous concise golf fitness stretches and exercises that will help improve the mobility, stability, balance, strength, and power of muscles that directly affect the accuracy, distance, and consistency of your golf swing. The The Ultimate Golf Fitness System by Chris Ownbey is the best golf specific fitness program I have seen to date.
The golf specific workouts have made a tremendous difference in my level of fitness and have lifted my golf game to a higher level. I’d like you to join me for the next few minutes as I show you how the Fitness for Golf program can help you get the ultimate golfing edge even if you have little time to practice and golf lessons are not really your thing. I’m Mike Root owner of Fitness for Golf, and like you I am an avid passionate golfer who wants to play the best I can play given my physical abilities and golfer’s mindset. For years I have been trying to crack the code on how to get my golf game to consistently perform at an optimum level.
It wasn’t until I discovered Fitness for Golf that I really began to understand the true shortcut to play the very best golf did not come from beating balls on the range.  The real secret to playing the very best golf was much more basic than that.
If you build a house, it needs to have a good strong foundation for the structure to sit on.  If you build your golf game to be the best that it can be, you need to have an overall level of fitness, strength, balance, flexibility and mental acuteness. Being golf fit is being more than just being physically fit.  You’ll get help with the “mental” side of the game to increase your concentration and focus during key moments. Golf fitness training like this is what the pros use to boost their performance. And they pay trainers thousands of dollars to tell them what to do. Luckily, the exercises you’ll find in the Fitness For Golf program won’t take up too much time in your busy schedule or leave you tired after exhausting workouts. You could work out for months without seeing any improvement in your game, even if you worked with an on-staff personal trainer. These are just a few examples of the dozens of specific ways the Fitness for Golf program will help you.
You’ll learn where your strengths are… and where you need the most improvement as part of your personalized program that will correct each individual problem you have.
So let’s get into the nitty-gritty, and show you the components of this comprehensive online resource.
More than 80 specific golf fitness programs, exercises and stretches designed to target different elements of the game and your physical condition. Fitness tools and resources that will help you optimize calorie intake, cardio conditioning, muscle building, and fat loss. One component of the workout will focus on legs making sure you have the strength for a solid swing foundation.  There are also drills and stretches for the hips to make sure you are flexible enough to open up properly and move your hips through the golf swing. Another component of the workout focuses on chest and arms giving you upper body strength to hit the ball out of deep rough and to get the swing speed you need for longer drives.  This is not working on seeing how much you can bench press because that actually is counterproductive to upper body rotation.

We are not trying to have you bulk up but rather have you work the golf muscles to bring maximum swing performance. I was a good golfer before but the Fitness For Golf edge represented the single biggest one season improvement in over 30 years of playing the game consistently.
I know your philosophy is to focus on a core set of exercises–a program which has delivered awesome results.
Now that’s what we like to hear!!!Now, I’m going to tell you how I and our many students did it and what exactly this training program is all about. The Fitness For Golf program is a compilation of years of testing and trying to find that secret sauce to get this ultimate golfing edge.  It is the compilation of various golf fitness trainers who work with amateur and professional golfers to focus on better golf through better fitness. And if this is not enough, as a special bonus, you will also get an extensive video training collection from two PGA certified training instructors who have over 60 years combined experience teaching at top golf schools around the US.
They came together for an exclusive two day session with the sole purpose to present what they called Green To Tee.  It is an incredible compilation of scoring tips that is not available any place else except to our members.
This is the Ultimate Golfing Edge.  It’s Golf Fitness, Golf Tips and Golf Experiences and we are adding more content monthly. I love the game of golf and am passionate about helping others improve their game much like Saiban and other satisfied members.  Immediate access in a twelve month membership won’t cost you $1000 which in many fancy country clubs is just one month’s dues. If you want to hit longer straighter drives, surer putts, with lower average scores, better health and golf fitness even if you have no time to practice and golf lessons are not your thing, then click the link below and get started immediately on the path to playing your best golf with the Ultimate Golfing Edge – a membership in the Fitness For Golf community.
Since I started your program I am now down 7 strokes in one season.I can’t wait to see the progress this year. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been a fan of having to deal with finding a fitness program for golf. These days I am able to Increase my flexibility for a bigger shoulder turn and have a stronger core and more endurance. That’s why I’d like to invite you to sign up with Chris Ownbey’s Online Golf Fitness Program.
Chris Ownbey’s Golf Fitness Program is product that will specifically help you to increase flexibility, improve core strength, have better balance, and play pain free golf . I’ve helped many golfers like your achieve increased flexibility, improved core strength, better balance, and play pain free golf with my one of a kind golf fitness techniques that took me years to perfect. A Pre-round stretching routine video: This is important because For a great full body warm-up, complete The 5-Minute Pre round Warm-Up before you practice, play or take a lesson.
Specific stretches to reduce upper and lower back pain: This a good thing because you are able to play pain free golf.
Finally, golf specific stretches and exercises: This is great because you will increase your flexibility and core strength by training the same muscles used in the golf swing. When you sign up with Chris Ownbey’s Golf fitness program today, you’ll also get some amazing bonuses that will be included with your package.

Chris Ownbey Golf fitnessIncrease flexibility and core strength for golf like BobIncrease flexibility and core strength for golf like Bob Meet Bob: Bob is a corporate professional and loves spending sunny afternoon playing golf. Chris Ownbey Golf fitnessA quick stretch to relieve back painA quick stretch to relieve back pain OH MY ACHING BACK!!!!
UncategorizedGolf fitness Dallas Tx – OH MY ACHING BACK!!!!Golf fitness Dallas Tx – OH MY ACHING BACK OH MY ACHING BACK!!!! Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool. The Ultimate Golf Fitness System is the best investment of time and money I’ve made in a long time.
These are easy exercises that focus specifically on improving your golf game – not bulking up muscles.
I have invested thousands of dollars for golf fitness trainers to learn and understand the principles we share on the site not to mention training from top level golf instructors to apply these principles in a competitive golf game. And it’s no wonder, considering that I didn’t know how to work out for golf and I was afraid I would tighten muscles and reduce my flexibility.
It’s simple, requires no equipment and is highly effective for golfers of all ages and playing abilities. You will have instant access to Chris Ownbey’s Golf fitness program today, give us a try, and if for some reason you don’t achieve the results I’m promising you today, you’re covered by our 30 day guarantee.
Flexibility is such an important aspect of the golf swing and trying to instill that in all of my students has always been a struggle. Chris is extremely knowledgeable about the key fitness areas of strength, flexibility, core and balance, and how they relate to the golf swing. The benefits are numerous and include increased club head speed, improved golf flexibility and the ultimate goal shoot lower scores.
Golf fitness Exercise program Cures the Slice   The majority of golfers have been discouraged for years   because they keep slicing the golf ball.
After sending many of my students to work with Chris he has improved both their health and fitness levels. This gives me confidence that the work I’m doing is improving my golf game as well as my general fitness.

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