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General Mills pioneered the practice of fortifying cereal with vitamins and minerals, and in 2008 extended its leadership by fortifying all its children’s cereals with calcium and vitamin D.
Milk contains nutrients like calcium and vitamin D that are critical for developing strong, healthy bones. In addition, new research shows that ready-to-eat cereal is an especially important source of nutrients for children who do not have enough food to eat.
Carrots are a goldmine of nutrients and it is a vegetable that if consumed daily, can have a world of difference on health.
The three most important nutrients in carrots that provide most of the health benefits are beta carotene, vitamin A, and alpha carotene.
Not only is vitamin A found in carrots but there are many other vitamins and minerals that are found in carrots that provide many benefits to the body. Beta carotene is a part of the cartenoid family, which are highly pigmented (orange, red and yellow) fat soluble compounds naturally found within fruits, vegetables and certain oils.
This chart above shows the nutrients found in them and the quantity compared to our daily bodily need.

One pint of carrot juice per day has more constructive value and benefits than 25 pounds of calcium tablets taken together. Phytochemicals are natural bioactive plant substances found in fruits, vegetables, and nuts, that provides benefits to human health.
Phytochemicals were basically unknown until a couple of years ago, and some are now being hailed as being as important as vitamins.
Beta carotene is what makes the carrot orange and it is converted by the liver into vitamin A.
These along with all of the other nutrients found in carrots, make them essential to the diet.
Beta carotene is best known for its role as an antioxidant; binding chemically to other molecules that do damage within the body, rendering them harmless and non-damaging. The prevention of night blindness and refocusing after seeing bright light is a benefit that vitamin A provides to the body. It also is critical in its role as an antioxidant, preventing cancer and other degenerative diseases.

The risk of heart disease and high blood pressure is also greatly reduced with an infusion of vitamin A into the diet. Vitamin A promotes growth of bones and teeth, the maintenance of healthy body tissues, and the maintenance of normal glandular functions. Vitamin A is especially necessary in the diet of expectant mothers to build up and maintain the health of both mother and the developing child. Mothers consuming carrots after a pregnancy adds quality to breast milk and provides all of these benefits above due to vitamin A being in high concentration in breast milk.

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