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In this analysis fifteen essential nutrients were identified as the most commonly deficient nutrients for the selected brain related illnesses.
There were several other nutrients which were found to be deficient in the various fourteen brain related illnesses, but these eight were clearly the eight most deficient.
The obvious reason for any nutritional deficiencies can be traced back to poor eating habits or poor assimilation of nutrients. The range of nutrient deficiency or shortfall between the good diet and the ODA is from a low of 20% to a high of 93% deficiency.
Upon close examination of the best food sources for the brain deficient nutrients we can see some of the foods that people should eat more of.
In addition to the loss of nutrients from the farm to our plates there are other reasons why many people may not be getting enough nutrients to keep their brains happy.
Digestion - If food is not chewed properly, broken down by enzymes and acids in the stomach or further broken down by friendly bacteria in the intestines the nutrients in that food will not be properly absorbed.
Cellular Assimilation - The final step in the assimilation of nutrients occurs at the cellular level. Swine Nutrition Guide: Nutrient Sources - MineralsMinerals -- Minerals serve many important functions in pig nutrition. This management success story text was adapted from Effects of Nutrient Enrichment in the Nation's Estuaries: A Decade of Change. Without essential nutrients these cells, including those in the brain, become stressed or toxic, which then inhibits their ability to function in the way they were intended to. An additional ten essential nutrients were also identified which also play a significant role in the health of the brain, especially related to some of the brain-related illnesses.
However, before these eating related issues are examined it is important to establish the actual levels of deficiency for these eight essential brain nutrients.

The average deficiency for all nutrients combined was 66% of the Optimal Daily Requirement. Cell membranes can become hard over time thus preventing the proper intake of nutrients and the outflow of waste. In addition, the relative bioavailability of minerals from several sources are listed in the table to ensure precise diet formulation. Preliminary data indicate that the use of these varieties can reduce phosphorus excretion and the use of inorganic phosphorus and may improve the digestibility of other nutrients.
Following nutrient reductions, phytoplankton growth decreased, water clarity increased, and seagrass acreage increased to 27,024 acres by 2004.
Each part of the body needs certain specific nutrients, and the brain is no different, as we shall see in the analysis that follows. Out of these fifteen essential nutrients eight have been found to be deficient 85% or more of the time in the fourteen selected brain related illnesses. Patrick Holford, a brilliant nutritionist, has studied American eating habits extensively and has identified the nutrient intake for the average person, as well as someone considered to have an above average diet.
With so many people suffering from brain related illnesses, which can be traced back to consistent nutrient deficiencies, it can be postulated that the nutrient guidelines established by the Federal Government certainly come into question for being too low.
However, when considering the nutrient needs related to brain health it might be useful to look more carefully at what foods are not being consumed in order to create the substantial nutritional deficiencies just noted. Fruits and vegetables are a dominant source of many nutrients and studies consistently report that most people do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. High levels of energy and antioxidants are needed to neutralize and expel these toxins that diminishes the nutrients available for cell replacement and cell health.
Base decisions on which source of trace mineral to use primarily on price per unit of available element.

These nutrient intake patterns can be compared to both the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for nutrients as well as the Optimal Daily Allowance (ODA) for nutrients. Nuts and fish are also rich sources of many of these nutrients, and once again the average person does not regularly consume them. Rona and many other medical experts point to the loss of nutrients due to poor soil, long transportation time, processing and cooking of foods as the primary reasons why foods have lost 60-80% of their nutritional value over the past 50 years. Health experts have estimated that as much as 80% of nutrients can be lost or unabsorbed due to these assimilation factors.
Cells often harden as a defense mechanism but in the long-term, this deprives the cells of the nutrients they need to function properly and causes waste to accumulate in the cells. Most nutritional scientists agree that the RDA is totally inadequate and that most people need nutrients at the ODA level. A 66% deficiency in brain essential nutrients is quite significant, especially since these are people with a so-called "good diet." The average person is deficient by 76%, which raises the question of how these deficiencies are occurring in a country with such a high level of economic prosperity. And, there are many other reasons why our bodies often do not get the nutrients we think they are getting from the food we eat. Pfeiffer found that many of his patients needed super doses of nutrients such as magnesium, zinc and various B vitamins. In most cases he was able to find a dose that returned his patients to very acceptable levels of normalcy and they were able to sustain these levels as long as they took the recommended dosages of these nutrients.

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