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Each five (5) drops contain 100 International Units (IU) of vitamin E (d-Alpha tocopheryl acetate) in a natural base of wheat germ and vegetable oils. At Newport Natural Health we provide health tips, advice, articles and natural health supplements. Although Vitamin E is a key nutrient for a strong heart and healthy cardio-vascular system, it is much more than an ordinary vitamin.
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Often times, when people ingest foods containing vitamin E, the body takes what it needs, uses it and stores the rest for later use.
The body uses the stores when we do not get enough vitamin E in our diets on a particular day or it needs more vitamin E to function. Just because the body stores vitamin E for later use does not mean that people do not need to get the recommended daily allowance of that vitamin so that the body has something to store up.
Since vitamin E is used to protect cells, it has an important part in preventing disease in the body. With the fight against free radicals being the primary use of vitamin E, it is commonly used to help with skincare. Vitamin E can be found in natural sources like food sources and natural ingredient multivitamins or supplements. This means that it is safe for women to get up to 600 IU per day of vitamin E to combat PMS symptoms, but the London study showed that as little as 150 IU per day is sufficient in preventing PMS. Other vegetables like broccoli, avocado, asparagus, pumpkin, sweet potato all have vitamin E as well. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for regulating vitamins in the body so when estrogen falls, so do the vitamin levels in the body thus, causing a lower level of vitamin E than normal and PMS symptoms like cramping, pain, depression and fatigue occur.

By getting the recommended daily allowance of vitamin E in their diets, women are able to keep the PMS symptoms associated with these drops in hormone levels away.
While vitamin E is helpful in preventing PMS symptoms, it needs to combine with many other vitamins, minerals and herbs to fight all the symptoms associated with PMS.
Our natural supplements are cutting-edge and formulated by a practicing medical doctor to help with a variety of health conditions. This is the form of vitamin E that is most researched, most understood and is designed to protect cells from damage. As an antioxidant, vitamin E is responsible for slowing down the processes that are associated with damaging cells in the body. Since it can also help with sunburns, many soothing creams utilize vitamin E in their products as well.
Half of the group was provided with 400 IU of vitamin E per day and the other half was placebo controlled. These doses are about 800 IU per day consistently so it is rare that people experience vitamin E toxicity. Once of the best sources for vitamin E is in green leafy vegetables like spinach, turnips, beets, collard greens and dandelion greens. Just because women do not have a full on deficiency of vitamin E during PMS does not mean that their vitamin E levels do not drop. They can provide a baseline level of vitamin E to keep levels steady as a balanced diet gets a good deal of vitamin E already. Vitamin E is not only responsible for PMS, but many other functions in the body as well which is why it is very important to get vitamin E daily in a balanced diet. There is not much difference between the naturally occurring and synthetically made versions of vitamin E.

Natural vitamin E has been shown to have significantly greater bioavailability than synthetic forms.
Vitamin E, along with other vitamins, can be a great help in reducing the symptoms associated with PMS that many women get every month. One study did show that it can take more synthetic vitamin E to achieve the same blood levels of natural vitamin E. If vitamin E is taken at least two days before and the three days after a period, there are drastically reduced levels of cramping, pain and bleeding during menstruation.
Green vegetables and green fruits can provide you with the required daily amount of vitamin E women need.
A supplement like Period Vitamin puts all of the required vitamins, minerals and herbs all in one supplement to fight all the symptoms of PMS.
This means that a person has to take 300 IU of vitamin E to equate to 100 IU of natural vitamin E in the blood.
By increasing vitamin E, it has shown that women can reduce the anxiety, food cravings and depression that accompany PMS as well.
Making sure that you get healthy oils and nuts can also be a great benefit to your diet so incorporate almonds and safflower oil to your recipes to get the most benefits from these food sources of vitamin E.
This leans towards getting natural vitamin E through food sources or natural supplements so that you are getting the most benefit for the dosage.
Since this is so rare, it has been proven that women who have PMS symptoms do not have true vitamin E deficiencies.

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