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FDA steroids are buzzing among the health-minded and vitamin-takers alike this weekend, as anabolic steroids have been found in a recent supply of dietary vitamin B supplements. According to complaints forwarded to the federal level, FDA health officials have heard of almost 30 dangerous side effects from the presence of the steroids in the dietary vitamin B supplement, including stomach pain, fatigue, and severe muscle cramping. The findings concluded that that the participants with the highest indicators of vitamin D were the ones with greater muscle mass and physical strength. The experts came to the conclusion that vitamin D is important not only for the formation of bones, but also for the development of muscle fibers.

Conversely, Vitamin D deficiency leads to increased body fat, decreased muscle strength and other health problems. Several symptoms, from excessive hair growth to muscle cramps, have been reported as negative side effects from the product. NBC shared the details this Saturday, July 27,that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently made an official announcement warning the public to not take a new vitamin B supplement made by Healthy Life Chemistry from Purity First, as the pills have been revealed to contain two anabolic steroids. Both of these steroids are commonly known to be illegal substances sometimes used by bodybuilders.

They analyzed the physical status of the subjects, taking into account such factors as age, sex,body mass index, blood pressure, and levels of vitamin D in the blood. Richard Kremer, co-director of the Musculoskeletal Axis of the Research Institute of the MUHC, stated that “Vitamin D insufficiency is a risk factor for other diseases because it is linked to increased body fat, it may affect many different parts of the body.

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