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Customers are often confused about the various different types of mineral supplements available. Chelated minerals are a special type of supplement which attaches a component, generally an amino acid, to a mineral. Minerals by themselves are extremely difficult for the body to absorb but when bonded to an amino acid, the body will recognize the amino acid as food and will absorb it, along with the attached mineral, and put them to use.
For some minerals, such as selenium and zinc, a chelated compound is significantly better than other forms.

The standard american diet of fast food is highly deficient in the minerals our bodies need to function at optimal wellness. If you do not get enough minerals from your diet alone or if you particularly lack any essential mineral, supplementation can provide the required amount to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
This combination does not disassociate in the digestive system consequently improving mineral absorption. However, for some other minerals, including calcium and magnesium, the difference in absorption isn’t as noticeable.

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