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Calcium—Your teeth and jaw are mostly made out of calcium so consuming calcium on a regular basis helps keep your teeth enamel and jaw strong and healthy. Vitamin A—Vitamin A helps maintain a healthy saliva flow that washes away bacteria and other harmful substances from your mouth.
Vitamin C—Vitamin C plays an important role in maintaining health teeth and preventing gingivitis. Proper oral health maintenance doesn’t stop when you finish brushing and flossing—it matters in the kitchen too.
Whether it’s through nutritional supplements or just plain healthy eating, getting the following vitamins and mineral supplements for oral health is positively vital.

Though one of the least talked about nutrients, vitamin A is no less important than its counterparts to proper oral health.
Most commonly known is the go-to vitamin for those with a cold, vitamin C is also great for oral health thanks to its restorative properties.
Here at Arkansas Family Dental, we want to make sure your mouth, teeth, and gums are 100% healthy so please contact us to set up an appointment or call us at 501-683-8886. Here are some suggestions on how you can consume the right type of foods for your oral health and your beautiful smile! Eating a healthy diet with a lot of nutrients has many benefits like helping your tissues and bones fight off infections and clear away bacteria.

Consuming too little of Vitamin B3 can affect your oral health by causing bad breath and mouth sores. A healthy diet consisting of the right vitamins and minerals is necessary to keeping your smile strong and clean. Fortunately, vitamins b2, b12, and iron are the nutrients the bust canker sores and other similar oral annoyances.

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