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Of all of these minerals found in the body, calcium is the main mineral, it comprises almost half of the mineral content in the body. There are three hormones that dictate the level and location of Ca++ in our body: PTH, Calcitonin and Hormone-D. I agree – I do not think most people will be able to get enough minerals from their food alone. Joel Wallach, a naturopathic physician and veterinarian, has much, much more information for you on minerals.
Thanks for visiting!Minerals are basically the spark plugs of life, or keystones to our health. Just 1% of the calcium in the body is actually in the blood, so blood tests are not accurate answers to just how much calcium our body truly has.
A full spectrum good quality sea salt is also a fabulous way to get in minerals and trace minerals. Osteoporosis is on the rise in our nation, 30 million people in the US over 50 are susceptible to fractures caused by mineral deficiencies in their bones. Also good mineral rich water from wells is a great option, but one that most of us no longer have access to.
Now more than ever before, people need to ensure that they get the right balance of minerals and vitamins. Balancing minerals is tricky business and I would definetly work with someone qualified – though GAPS will take care of a lot it, you may want to supplement to help him therapeutically up front, and I would not do that at random.
I can’t find an exact document of the study online, but there are tons of sources online that quote this same information. There ARE other references out there for statistics that say a lot of the same, just so you know.
There are many reasons we are deficient and if you have any kind of adrenal fatigue that led to thyroid and other endocrine issues it really can take time. In order for calcium to be absorbed and utilized by the body there are several factors to consider.
I have been following GAPS for over a year and the bone broth and nourishing diet doesn’t seem to be enough for me. I do think nutritional therapy through hair tissue mineral analysis could help to pinpoint and support someone with mineral imbalance, including tailored supplementation with continued dietary minerals.

However, most people won’t eat like that -not to mention most of us are burning through our minerals due to stress! For example, if the overall systemic pH is off, it will be difficult to utilize the calcium you eat.
I have heard that blood tests do not give an accurate picture of the overall state of your minerals. Good soil is 45% minerals, yet our soils today are quite lacking due to synthetic fertilizers, mono-cropping and more.
Also, your hormonal function affects your ability to attain the calcium you consume, as well as whether or not you are adequately hydrated or if you digestion is impaired. Remember to pair these foods with good fatty acids to ensure you are actually utilizing them well. I have also heard that hair analysis used alone cannot give an accurate picture of the imbalances. In the US our soils contain 86% less minerals than they did 100 years ago (based on a study done in 1992). Magnesium is a key element to keeping the cells metabolizing, involved in at least 300 functions in the body. Calcium also works in tandem with other minerals (particularly magnesium), vitamins and fatty acids. Minerals are what remain as ash when plant or animal tissues are burned (approximately 5 pounds from a cremated body).
If you are not eating a properly prepared, whole foods, nutrient dense diet, staying hydrated and improving your over all digestion, you could be eating all the calcium in the world and not be able to retain it.
Most everyone is deficient in magnesium anymore, along will all of the main minerals of the body. Most everyone gets adequate calcium in their diet, but are missing some or all of the above co-factors in their lives to make it of use to the body in the way it is intended. It can take 12 months to replace one mineral such as iron, so to replace more can take awhile.
Just remember that there are co-factors to consider when your body shows signs of deficiencies. Calcium is only made available for other tissues in the body when the bone is broken down during remodeling.

Bone helps to buffer the pH level of the blood through the release of calcium from the bone. And when the blood gets too alkaline, calcium can separate out and get deposited into the wrong tissues, thereby causing problems if an excess occurs in those tissues. There are two categories of minerals essential within the body, macro-minerals & micro-minerals. If there is inadequate hydrochloric acid in the stomach you won’t be able to utilize the calcium you consume. There is no one mineral deficiency, they all must be maintained in balance within the body.
Absorption from the GI tract is the first step to getting the minerals into circulation, it can be a fairly complex process.
If you see any aspect of undigested food in the stool, you can be sure you are not getting your minerals. Anyone with osteoporosis or osteopenia should check the pH of the stomach and check for adequate hydrochloric acid levels.
Hormones & Minerals If certain hormones are dysfunctional in the body this will also affect our bodies ability to utilize calcium. Fatty Acids & Minerals Appropriate fatty acid intake in the diet is necessary for the calcium to be transported through the cells walls. Weston Price and Royal Lee talked about the relationship between vitamin D and vitamin F (or fatty acids) through their studies. Without appropriate fatty acids you won’t get calcium into your tissues which is where a larger quantity of our body houses calcium.
We also need to get balanced electrolytes (electrically charged ions of calcium, sodium, potassium , chloride, bicarbonate) to ensure an appropriate transfer of calcium in and out of  the cells.
However, they all work synergistically, so it is very important to consume a high quality real food diet based on the properly prepared foods paradigm discovered by Weston A.
We need a full spectrum approach to ensure we are getting adequate mineral intake, not just supplementing with some or one or two individual minerals, hat will always throw off the mineral balance in the body.

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