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DrS are experts in small animal supplements and have designed a product system that enables you to feed your loved pets just as well as their wild cousins.
Just as with humans, the health of our small animals, whether dogs, cats, rabbits, cavies, rats or mice, is largely dependent on the quality of food that we give them. In the case of the rabbit, towards high summer the grass plants are preparing the way for their next generation, all their efforts are put into providing the best environment for their seeds to develop and grow in the next year.
The key components to replace are the vitamins and minerals that were lost in the natural drying process. The table accompanying this article gives a slightly more detailed account of the functions of different vitamins.
Join our mailing list to get the latest products and special offers sent directly to your inbox! Nutrition Nutriens Funtion Where you found Absortion for our body Carbohydrates Main Energy as Gloucose Fruits, cereal grains and legumes Mouth, Stomach, small intestine Lipids Energy Reserve as Fats, insulation Corn oil, Olive oil, or polyunsaturated fat. Vitamins Vitamin Significan sources Functions in the body Deficiency syptoms Symptoms Vitamin A Milk, margarine, cream, cheess, eggs, dark vegetables and vegetables Vision, growth and tissue repair, reproduction, bone formation, cancer proteccion, Hormone synthesis Night blindness, susceptibility to infection, abnormal tooth and jaw alligment, eye problem Red blood cells breakage, nosebleeds, abdominal cramp, nausea, diarrhea. Significance of SDA : For the utilization of foods by the body, certain amount of energy is consumed from the body stores.
The biochemic system of medicine was created towards the end of the 19th century by Dr Wilhelm Heinrich Schussler, who concluded that if the body became deficient in essential minerals, this imbalance would cause health problems. Copper and iron for example,  along with other minerals are required for the electron transport system, thus needed for all cellular energy production.
Tissue salts work effectively in conjunction with other forms of healing as they address the imbalance on a cellular level. After serious or long-term illness, the body is quiet often depleted in more than one mineral element so it’s not unusual to need to take 2 different combinations at one time. The Active Elements® formulas combine homoeopathically prepared minerals with small physical amounts of the same minerals where practical.
Regardless of the reasons why a person may be taking ActiveElements® formulas, most people report an increased perception of ‘wellness’. You should always follow the dose instructions on the label, or any changes that may be recommended by your health care practitioner. There is also a great difference between relieving the ‘symptoms’ and restoring the natural state of ‘wellness’. Whilst your Active Elements® therapy may be an important (and at times, the most important) part of regaining and maintaining your natural state of ‘wellness’, it is by no means the only factor that should be considered. Taking low-dose minerals during childhood or pregnancy is beneficial for proper growth and development.
All Active Elements® formulas are listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA) and entered onto the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). Substances that contain Lactose, Gluten or Sucrose are not used as excipients (fillers) in the Active Elements® formulas.
Nat sulph (Sodium sulfate) has been traditionally used to tone and detoxify the liver and to balance body fluids. Nat mur (Sodium chloride) prepared homoeopathically, has been traditionally used to balance body water. Kali Mur (Potassium chloride) has been traditionally used to relieve mucus congestion and swelling or bruising of the tissues. Calc phos (Calcium phosphate) has been traditionally used to strengthen the bones and blood, particularly for growing children who are prone to teething problems, sore throats, tonsillitis, and poor circulation. Calc sulph (Calcium sulphate) has been traditionally used for acne and pustules, to promote the healing of wounds and ulcers with purulent discharges that are thick, lumpy, yellow and often blood-streaked.

Calc sulph (Calcium sulphate) has been traditionally indicated where the body has made an opening or vent for the discharge of pyogenic material and where healing is slow or refuses to take place.
Calc fluor (Calcium fluoride) symptoms are aggravated by rest, and cold changeable weather; and are improved by moving about, warmth, cold fomentation or rubbing the affected area.
Ferrum phos (Iron phosphate) has been traditionally used for acute inflammations and infections, where there is fever, heat and pain, such as colds and flu, tonsillitis, otitis media and other minor infections.
Mag phos (Magnesium phosphate) has been traditionally used for the relief of physical and mental exhaustion, nerve pains and muscular spasms. Silicea (Silicon dioxide) has been traditionally used to strengthen the skin, hair, nails and bones. It's a bit damp today but Gladstone markets will still be fab and pop over to the Barnard st clinic for the garage sale.
The leaves and stem of the plant, which have been working very hard to turn sunlight into energy for the past few months, will become largely redundant over the winter. As a result of the natural processes just described, this hay is substantially less nutritious than the grass that it had been a few weeks earlier. From a practical point of view it is easiest to look at vitamins as providing assistance with the management of energy within the cells and so it is common for animal keepers to report an increase in the vitality of their stock when they start to feed vitamin supplements.
However during the drying process many are lost back to the soil and others change form becoming less easily absorbed by the animal's digestive system.
This is an on food supplement which contains all the vitamins and minerals of Daily Essentials plus amino acids for rapid fur growth and our unique "Flourish" herbal blend which stimulates the immune system, creates an excellent environment for beneficial gut bacteria. This mineral is vital for good bone structure, quality teeth and equally importantly for good nerve and muscle function. He determined that imbalance in one or more of these salts led to specific health problems and diseases, but that balance could be restored by taking the necessary mineral element. They are absolutely harmless, as they are inorganic elements which naturally occur in the body. These minerals have been in constant use since that time, which makes them one of the few therapies to survive the test-oftime.
The Active Elements® concept was developed to assist consumers who wish to maintain some measureof choice and control over their own health care.
It is therefore most important that you keep-up the recommended dose regimen on the label or as directed by your health care practitioner and not stop the treatment simply because your symptoms have improved or gone. Whilst the Active Elements® concept is very much focussed on ‘wellness, sometimes there may be reasons that preclude this objective being realised. Your health care practitioner may suggest changes with regard to other aspects of your ‘lifestyle’, such as diet and exercise, or even the way you think.
The need for certain minerals is actually greater during childhood and pregnancy than at other times in life, so it’s important not to forget any doses. The formulas are also free from any substance of animal origin and are therefore suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Communication can often mean the difference between getting good results from your Active Elements® therapy or not. Acidic residue must be removed from the tissues otherwise it causes irritation and ultimately, chemical and degenerative changes. Examples of a fluid imbalance may include generalised fluid retention in the tissues (Oedema), or the puffy swelling around a joint following injury. Symptoms of lowered nervous energy, physical and mental exhaustion, nervous headaches from stress, nervous upset stomach, halitosis, poor memory, easily fatigued or weak muscles, nervous irritability, anxiety and insomnia are some of the traditional indications for this remedy. Localised inflammations or mild infections, such as stuffy head colds, white mucus discharges from the eyes, ears or nose, mouth ulcers, middle ear infections, sore throats and tonsillitis, acne with white heads, boils, are all symptoms and conditions that may be relieved by Kali Mur (Potassium chloride).

Children who have an imbalance of Calc phos (Calcium phosphate) are often lacking in immunity, complain of headaches and pick at their food. Ferrum phos (Iron phosphate) may also help with the episodic inflammatory changes associated with many chronic degenerative conditions, where there is an acute-on-chronic manifestation of pain, redness and swelling of the affected areas. Almost all other animals manufacture plenty of vitamin C for their normal daily requirements.
It is the highest for proteins (30%) and lowest for carbohydrates (5%) and for a mixed diet around 10%.
Therefore, it is important that the recommended dose regimen be observed as closely as possible. Therefore a maintenance or ‘prophylactic’ dose of the Active Elements® formulas may be recommended by yourhealth care practitioner to ensure benefits are maintained. You should apply any advice conscientiously and remain vigilant at all times for the ‘out of sight – out of mind’ phenomenon that may result in you slowly slipping back into your old habits.
And… always read the Active Elements® labels for any additional information that may affect your particular situation.
You owe it to yourself to maintain the lines of communication with your health care practitioner. Watery or dry mucous membranes such as might occur with a common cold or hay fever, weepy, runny eyes, lips that are dry and crack or cold sores on the lips, fluid retention (oedema), and a craving for salt, are examples of conditions where Nat mur (Sodium chloride) may prove helpful.
Calc fluor (Calcium fluoride) may help defective tooth enamel, caries and teeth that are loose in their sockets. Protein levels drop dramatically, many vitamins disappear completely and a great deal of the minerals in the leaves are returned by the sap back into the ground.
As the B group vitamins are soluble in water they are quickly flushed out of the body in the urine.
It is, therefore, essential that an additional 10% calories should be added to the total energy needs (of the body) towards SDA. They cannot become toxic in the body due to overdose as they merely replace what is deficient; the body expels any excess.
Remember that ‘prevention’ is always better than ‘cure’; particularly when you consider that it is an accepted fact, that most of the serious illnesses that afflict our society could have been prevented through improved lifestyle. The labelled children’s dose of Active Elements® formulas varies between full adult dose and half dose, according to the formula. Skin on the hands (particularly the palms) that is hard, dry and forms cracks and fissures, or blood vessels (particularly veins) with walls that are weak and enlarged are also traditional indications for Calc fluor (Calcium fluoride). The seeds then fall off and eventually the leaves form organic compost as they rot into the ground. When eaten in this form the amino acids and sugars that the minerals are attached to improve the availability of the mineral to the animal. Again the availability of calcium in this unique product makes supplementation more frequently than this unnecessary unless the animals are breeding. SDA is quite comparable to the handling charges levied by a bank for an outstation chequel.

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