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April 27, 2010 By Allison Stuart Kaplan 8 Comments Fitness Boot Camp Style workouts never seem to lose their appeal for a good reason: Military inspired workouts obliterate calories. The weather forecast is looking great for the next several days – perfect conditions for an outdoor workout! TweetRelated posts:Your Body Weight Workout - Building Strength And Stamina 10 Minutes At A Time! Military boot camp is directed by a drill instructor, who provides instruction and motivation. Boot camp workouts promote a high level of physical fitness development through intensity, discipline and strict instruction.
In The Army NowA boot-camp style workout that follows aspects of Army Basic Training focuses around calisthenics, cardiovascular endurance and body-weight strength training. Do It QuickOne of the reasons that boot camp workouts are so effective -- both civilian and military -- is that you have an instructor pushing you to maintain a high level of intensity throughout. To properly answer this broad question, the answers needs to break down your question into several different workouts as well as circuit training tips to combine the entire PFT.

Next Step: If you are considering joining the military, your next step should be to speak to a recruiter from the service of your choice. To get a thorough, effective boot camp workout, look to where they were first instituted -- the military. Although recruits will often run many miles each day of training, a large portion of workouts are also dedicated to sprints, obstacle courses and arduous physical tasks that require explosive bursts of movement. An Army-style boot camp workout will feature plenty of repetitions of pullups, pushups and situps. Properly designed these workouts are more intense and more fun than traditional fitness classes and gym workouts. During boot camp, Army recruits have PT multiple times per day, every day for 10 weeks, with minimal rest. In the absence of a suitable drill instructor, you will have to keep yourself motivated and moving throughout your workout, limiting the amount of rest time in between exercises. Taking your boot camp regimen outside, and breathing fresh air without the confinement of four walls brings your energy level to great heights.

Army sends thousands of recruits through grueling, weeks-long boot camps to develop strong, disciplined soldiers. To start, your sample workout should include performing each of these three exercises to failure.
Luckily, you don’t have to enlist to get access to one of the most effective workout programs devised. Take charge: Design your own boot camp workout by choosing 6 exercises from the list below for your first round. This will give you a baseline for your performance and give you a number to push for during each workout. Although pullups aren’t a part of that specific test, the exercise features prominently in most Army PT workouts.

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