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However, in clinical studies, those taking the drug didn t appear to gain weight Metformin for PCOS Weight Loss Topamax Or Metformin Better For Weight Loss. Even Models seek out Adrian's advice and Doctors use Adrian's unique techniques to help their patients lose weight fast and his new YouTube Channel already has over 35 Million views!
But I don't find much change in my weight.please help me out with my diet for losing weight. I was diagnosed with PCOS aged 19, i was put on the contraceptive pill and have been up untill may this year. Me and my husband are trying for a baby but i am also worried about becoming so over weight. I was at the same weight as you 13 years ago, I was so frustrated and I had had 2 miscarriages and did not know what was going on. VickieI am 39 years old and have been diagnosed with PCOS for over 20 years and it does not get easier. I am 22 and weigh 280 pounds I have pcos take 2000g of metformin and am taking a thyroid medicine as a preventive measure because my thyroid levels are on the high end of normal. KarleeI had problems ttc my 2nd child at age 21, my doctor didn't diagnose me with pcos but he put me on chlomid to help ovulate.
ANJUhi , i m 28 years old i m been pcos since four years, i m trying to loose weight but instead of reducing its increasing day by day, specially abdomen area. I wasn't diagnosed with PCOS until after I had to have an ovary removed, so I don't know if my situation is different, but I was on met for about 3 months, switched the dosage around for a few more months to see if it would help, but, made me sick as a dog even on the lowest dose. I was recently informed that I may have PCOS or close to having it if I don't start changing my eating habits. With insulin resistant PCOS I am only able to lose weight with restricting my carbs to around 50grams a day. I am struggling, restricted diet and lifting heavy five days a week hasn't done a single thing for me, if anything I have gained weight. I was first put on Metformin in 2000 and it never helped me lose weight even though I was also under a dietitian at the same time. I've been back on Metformin (at half the dose I was on back in 2000) since October last year, but because I am now a diabetic.
They say Metformin helps with weight loss but in my experience it did absolutely nothing but give me a tummy upset. When I first started losing weight on the VLCD it was without exercise as I was an invalid with a bad leg infection. I have PCOS and have lost 30 lbs by eating protein, veggies, fruits, and nuts (I cut out wheat and sugar) along with consistent exercise since March of this year. The loss has slowed down because some weeks I eat at maintenance, but when I go at a deficit I do lose weight steadily. I hated the way I felt with the medication, I felt like I was retaining a lot more water and was gaining weight vs loosing. Also, a simple "low-carb pcos study" google search will result in a lot of medical information on how and why this works.

Not every woman who has PCOS is insulin resistant, so the need for any type of medication or supplement wouldn't be necessary, but I think there is a lot of misinformation out there as to what some of the medications we have for PCOS actually do. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 15, prescribed birth control, and slowly gained weight until I was about 20. Alexandra: I was never  really happy with my weight and overall health, but I really decided to make a change after my freshmen year of college. With those two conditions, it is really challenging to lose weight unless you drastically change your nutrition and work out extensively. I had tried so many other weight loss solutions and I realized if I was going to get my weight under control for life, I would have to make a lifestyle change. When I first transitioned to Paleo, I told myself I was going to be strict for 30 days, but when the 30 days were done I had lost weight and was motivated to continue it!
Thank you to Alexandra for sharing her weight loss success story and for showing the amazing benefits that focusing or real food can have on the body.
Its been 10 years now and I've come to terms with the fact that exercise is the BEST way to cure PCOS and loose the weight. I started on Metformin in the above dose (gradually worked up to this dosage) and within a month I was pregnant! I finally got pregnant after a year of trying, but my symptoms started up again with irregular periods and weight gain even with dieting and exercise at least 5 times a day. I managed to some how stay the same weight for over 6 months even with lower calorie intake. You just accept that you can't eat like other people and not gain weight, and the weight starts coming off after you start eating right. I am seeing a Naturopath now who just took blood yesterday to get new readings I will likely go on Metformin, I've never had issues with it and I will accept any help I can get regulating my insulin level.
I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was fifteen and never had done anything about it because my doctor was completely useless. If you have PCOS and are, or have ever taken this medication ONLY for this specific purpose, you will be sorely disappointed. I was diagnosed with PCOS and Insulin Resistance and tried everything under the sun to lose weight.
I worked out all the time, I went to a nutritionist who told me I would never lose weight unless I got on Metformin (a drug prescribed to PCOS patients that I was really opposed to), I even tried a shake diet and didn’t eat solid food for weeks. Luckily I found the Paleo Diet and researched how eliminating gluten, dairy, legumes, and sugar can drastically reverse PCOS and Insulin Resistance. One of my cousins was starting along with her husband, not for weight loss purposes, but for overall health. After I insisted on a referral by my OBGYN, my PCOS diagnosis was confirmed by my reproductive endocrinologist.
If you are not noticing a reduction in appetite or cravings, your metformin dosage is probably not high enough. We apparently all fight weight issues, hair loss at the crown, horrible menstruation same with my daughter.

I do light weights and walk at a fast pace and my calorie intake is pretty low, I don't know the exacts. I have never taken metformin, and from what a fellow PCOS lady here told me, it is not common to prescribe it for PCOS where I live now (Germany). So I started seeing a naturopath who specializes in PCOS and she switched me to inositol powder, which can be found at any vitamin store.
I started on a VLCD program in October 2012 and then joined here to continue the loss going.
Find resources online or in person (like a gym or Pilates studio) that build a community of other people on a weight loss journey with you.
Don't stress about losing weight it will happen naturally when you enjoy your workout and push yourself. Cut out all sugar in your diet, increase your Metformin dosage and WHEN you get pregnant - don't miss a dose of Metformin - it will help prevent miscarriage. I have struggled all my life with my weight and tried every diet nothing worked, I was told that it was medically necessary for me to have biatric surgery,but insurance would not cover it . My doctor just prescribed me low dose birth control and told me to continue my diet and exercise, but he wasn't concerned with my weight, only with my cycle. I'm hoping that I'll be able to lose enough weight by the end of this year to get off of the metformin, at least (I've never had any issues with it; I just don't like taking so many meds). At first I was strictly on a low calorie diet to take off as much of the weight as possible until my blood sugar stabilizes. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant and of course with the PCOS and my endometrosis, it hasn't happened. For those who are insulin resistant with hormonal imbalances- YES, Metformin is a good option, that's what it's designed for. I am taking 1000mg of Metformin daily and added 30-60 mins of exercise every other day, however my weight still doesn't seem to stay consistent.
My periods used to come once every 3-4 months, and at the 50 pound weight loss mark they started coming every single month like clockwork. Metformin helps the body to absorb the insulin that the body has produced to allow you to properly metabolize food.
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It's NOT a weight loss drug, for those of us who have PCOS, it simply allows our bodies to function as it's supposed to naturally, only it's not doing naturally. I have tried to cut back and my dr told the metformin would help with my appetite and cravings, but it hasn't.

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