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Here's how five former couch potatoes in different decades of their lives have turned into exercise addicts. I booked a personal trainer who gave me a programme of aerobic exercise and suggested weight-training to build my upper body. But I felt sorry for him having to carry me, so I decided to try to lose weight by combining riding with a daily regime of one minute walking and one minute running for 30 minutes.
It's a job notorious for high stress levels and involves sitting at a desk all day, making split-second decisions about the safety of aircraft. I've lost half a stone and several inches round the middle - I am 100 per cent fitter than I've been for many years.
My gym membership is not only a great way to fill my retirement, but also an investment for my future health.

I was 40 and not keen to do anything much, so it was good timing when a friend said he was applying for the London Marathon and encouraged me to do the same.
There was a gym half an hour's drive away, so I went to investigate and signed up for an induction and assessment.
I was disappointed when he got a place and I didn't, but a year later I joined my gym's running group.I didn't realise how fit I had become until I was able to run for an hour, two or three times a week without faltering.
The following year I ran a 10k race and a half marathon for the British Heart Foundation (BHF), and this year I ran the London Marathon for BHF in three hours 50 minutes. I was told the right weight for my height of 5ft 6in was 10st - I was more than 4st over that. Competing for charity is close to my heart and will hopefully give me more years than my father and grandfather could enjoy.

My time at school, with those dreadful team games and cold showers, put me off exercise for 40 years. In the end, vanity got the better of me as I piled on weight - 14st with a 38in waist at my heaviest - and my stomach bulged over my trousers. I was baffled, but encouraged, to see it wasn't full of big, butch guys - just normal people of all ages working out and looking as if they were having fun, not being tortured - I had a go on the rowing machine and found I was enjoying myself.

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