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One of the best ways to enjoy flat belly is to eat controlled and portioned meals that is rich in whole grain foods and monounsaturated fats. One of the mantras that will help you to reduce your belly fat and bloating is to keep chewing your food in your mouth for a long time.
If you want to reduce your belly fat quickly, then you need to follow this flat belly diet every day. Adding boxing punches along with your cardio exercise is a sure shot way to crunch your abs and to lose belly fat faster. Make sure that you eat as low as zero grams of sugar as possible to reduce belly fat easily.

If you are also a victim of excessive fat deposits around your waistline, then you need not worry about it anymore. You can think of munching on a small piece of low fat cheese, or a protein bar or some almonds with an organic apple. Then, you need to follow the above mentioned tips for a minimum of three to four months to see a visible difference in your belly fat and to get the most attractive ABS that you have always desired.
You also do not need to undergo painful and expensive medical procedures to get rid of the excess belly fat. There are less painful and cost effective tips that you can follow that will help you to get the desired belly size that you have been longing for some time.

The following are some of the belly flattening tips that have been suggested by experienced nutrition and health experts to shrink your tummy size to size zero.  These tips will help you to easily wear those slim fit and low waist jeans that you always wanted to wear.

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