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Low Carb Root Beer Float was posted on August 5th, 2015 and is filed under Desserts, Drinks & Smoothies, Gluten Free, Kid Friendly, Low Carb, Recipes. I have the sweetest childhood memories (pun intended) of getting a tall glass out and my Mom pouring root beer or cream soda most of the way up.
Today I had the craving for one of A&W’s classic root beer floats (if I have pop, this is probably what I will be caving for!), so I whipped up some of my no-sugar vanilla ice-cream and topped off my Zevia root beer! Just go make my classic low-carb, no-sugar VANILLA ICE-CREAM and then add it to an icy cold glass of Zevia root beer! So in my quest to turn some of my favorite foods into low carb meatballs, a loaded nachos version was high on the list.

Notes: I used ground beef since that is a typical nacho topping, but you could easily substitute 80% lean ground turkey in this recipe.
Loaded Nacho Meatballs   Print A low carb and gluten free meatball recipe inspired by my favorite snack, loaded nachos!
You’ll get over 75 original recipes that can’t be found here on the blog for less than 15 cents each! It varies, but in this recipe I think I used Pace brand medium salsa which is pretty tasty. Perfect with beer (or without), they are great to share (or not) at a casual restaurant with friends, to nosh on while watching a movie on the couch, or just because.

Especially since I needed a low carb vehicle to replace the tortilla chips that would normally carry all of that cheesy deliciousness into my face.
They don’t use artificial colours, sweeteners, preservatives, flavours, and are zero calories! If you like it hot, add a couple of drops of your favorite low carb hot sauce to the meatball mixture.

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