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So if you have a total amount of carbohydrates, and then you start listing the sub-parts, they cannot add up to more than the total! With this low calorie white sauce recipe, make sure you use unsweetened PLAIN almond milk (I like the stuff by Blue Diamond). This is a standard generic jar of spaghetti sauce (or "gravy" as they call it in Italian) from a local Price Chopper store.

However, I’m learning to like them – the realization that I’m only eating 10-20 calories of low-carb “noodles” per serving is part of what makes me like them so much. Heck, if I can get this sort of thing to happen, I want an ice cream dessert that has 2g of total carbs even though it has 20g of sugars in it. I have to say that I’m more of a fan of the thinner spaghetti style “noodles” than the thicker fettuccine style.

It also has only 2 carbs per servings.I bought my supply at Jungle Jim's, International Grocery in Fairfield, Ohio.

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