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It looks like there are a couple of sugar-free BBQ sauces on the market, but I’ve never seen them in any store. Now that I think about it, there may be some low-sodium things that are blue-labeled down here. Tags: barbecue sauce recipe, low carb barbecue sauce, low carb bbq sauce, Sugar free barbecue sauce recipe.
Many recipes would have you start with tomato sauce or tomato paste, but I figured the ketchup already has a little flavoring zip and zazz in it.

I’ve never really looked for a low fat or low sugar content colour, but usually it just has a little exclaimation in the corner of the packaging with a 99% fat free! I work at Walt Disney World, I'm a writer and artist, I cook gluten-free and low-carb food, and I make whatever weird crafts tickle my fancy.
We threw some gluten-free little smokies in there, and ended up with three servings, so 4 grams of carb for the sauce on each serving. Look for the blue label — that seems to be the agreed-upon color for lower sugar content.

The first time I used it was in a sweet-and-sour sauce for meatballs that was basically ketchup, ginger ale and some pepper (sounds gross, but it’s really good). It also has only 2 carbs per servings.I bought my supply at Jungle Jim's, International Grocery in Fairfield, Ohio.

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