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You can use whatever you like, my recommendation would be blue cheese Walden Farms zero calorie foods can be hit and miss, but I find that their salad dressings are great!
I'd seen so many similar salad recipes that contained cheese so I decided to give it a try. If you can’t find them at your local grocery store then get them from The Low Carb Grocery like I do. This wonderful salad was created out of necessity: hungry patrons but not many supplies or time in the kitchen. A bowl of iceberg lettuce, a few cherry tomatoes and a drizzle of oil may be low in carbs, but it is hardly satisfying and it is certainly not a side dish you get excited to eat.

This is a slight adaptation of Dana Carpender's recipe that can be found in her "500 Low-Carb Recipes" book page 227.
UPDATE: I've updated the counts after carefully weighing the salad ingredients and refiguring the number of servings to be closer to 10 instead of just 8. At this point I mixed up all of the salad ingredients except for the lettuce and feta cheese in a large bowl. With all the flavorful spring greens arriving at your local farmers' market and grocer's produce aisle as well as the scrumptious selection of salad-ready low carb ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen or on your shopping list, you can have a near endless array of appetizing entree salads and side salads that will get your mouth watering well before you take a bite. Serve instead of the traditional lettuce and tomato salad  for grilled and barbecued meats.

I prepared all of my ingredients a couple hours ahead of time but, if you're going to serve this right away, go ahead and toss all of the salad ingredients together to let the flavors blend while cooking the burgers. If you can afford the extra carbs, these burgers would be wonderful sliced and rolled up in low carb pita bread with the tzatziki sauce.

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