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I’ve made many different banana breads and muffins but these are the BEST of the bunch. I was searching last night for a banana bread recipe that I didn’t have to run to grocery store to get ingredients. Made this today and posted my take on the recipe I tweaked a few of the ingredients but gave your site a shout out on my blog! I tried putting the batter into my regular loaf pan and the entire recipe didn’t even fill it up halfway.

I always eat my bananas too fast so they never reach the ideal banana bread baking brown-ness haha:) I need to buy some bananas and then hide them until that are brown enough for me to make this bread! Paleo recipes are great for just that: paleo is short to paleolithic and refers to an eating lifestyle mimicking way back when humans consumed simple foods which they hunted and gathered from the wild. This banana bread recipe is Paleo friendly, meaning it avoids using any processed, grain-based carbs or sugar and therefore is full of yummy stuff that will leave your sweet tooth satisfied and your belly un-bloated. But if you wanted a slightly easier recipe – then here it is…Recipe #2This recipe is made with only almond flour.

And ideally you should use a stand mixer as shown in the video:Banana bread normally tastes yummy.
But even when you cut out the grains and the carbs, they can taste just as good, if not better.

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