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For those following brutal low-carb diet plans such as Atkins or Dukan, the holy mantra of comestibles has often been 'bread and pasta are the enemy'. Dr Zak released a high-protein bread earlier in the year, with 30.4g of protein per two-slice serving, so carb-deniers are now ever more able to stock their larders as the rest of the population does. User Jo remarked that it is a 'great product and tastes nice too', while Big Dan said: 'I just had 150g serving with diced chicken breasts mixed with sun dried tomato sauce.

For years, dieters and those passionate about fitness have had to forgo of some of their favourite Italian dishes.
For someone like me who is 130kg, getting food with such dense nutrition makes life much easier, alongside it tasting lovely means this is a winner!'Barny wrote: 'This protein pasta is absolutely awesome. In taste and texture it is halfway between white and wholegrain pasta, but has low carbs and high protein.

It also has only 2 carbs per servings.I bought my supply at Jungle Jim's, International Grocery in Fairfield, Ohio.

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