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The addition of the tortilla chips makes a big difference in this dish and adds less than a carb per serving. I’m posting the step by step photos here along with the ingredient list but if you would like the full recipe, it can be found here on my latest PBS Parents post.
These crispy baked tortilla chips are wonderful and completely fill the need for a solid tortilla chip. I was making the crust for my Enchilada Bake recipe and threw the crushed chips in on a whim.
I was making another recipe that called for 4 ounces of cream cheese and thought I might as well use the other 4 ounces to make the crust for this recipe rather than let the cream cheese go to waste.

Hecks, I love a certain type of tortilla chips that start with the letter “D” because of the artificial flavor even though they stain my fingers a frightening colored orange. The inspiration behind the recipe isn’t from my once-in-awhile-guilty-pleasure-orange-tortilla-chips. We had an odd bag of chips in the pantry and for some reason she knew we had a stash (probably saw us unloading it in the pantry).
Although I don’t buy those chips at the store, it’s hard for me to resist a few chips at picnics and barbeques. Instead, I came up with this zesty blend of spices inspired by Trader Joe’s Spicy Soy and Flaxseed Tortilla Chips.

I made enough changes that to my original recipe that I thought I might as well make it a new recipe.
Since creating the Enchilada Bake recipe, I've come up with an improved taco seasoning mix, an enchilada sauce recipe and I decided to try pepper-jack cheese instead of cheddar this time. By mixing ground flaxseeds into the spice blend, my kids have no idea the chips they are eating also has the added benefit of additional Omega 3 fatty acids.

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