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There is no reason you cannot enjoy your favorite beverages,  virgin or not, when practicing a low-carb way of eating! If you drop in on Just a Pinch you will find Bonnie’s basic milkshake recipe with lots of variations for you to consider! Remember that you can take any of these shake or smoothie recipes and add your own sugar-free syrups to make whatever you would like!
By lowcarbnoms Leave a Comment We found this recipe at Sin or Slim and think it is the best flavoured protein shake we have tried so far. Jack in the Box’s newest dessert menu item, their bacon milkshake comes in at 770 calories and  89 carbohydrates.

COCONUT CREAM MILKSHAKE: Add 1 teaspoon coconut extract to the basic vanilla milkshake recipe before mixing.
COCONUT RUM MILKSHAKE: Diane makes this variation using both coconut and rum extracts to the basic vanilla milk shake recipe before mixing.
Here are some of my favorite recipes for low-carb shakes and smoothies you can drink guilt-free! Whizzed in a powerful Ninja blender and proceed as usual…it may even reduce the carb count…for SIlk brand of unsweetened almond milk is ZERO!
I am so happy you came up with this recipe and hope you develop more low carb recipes and would love it someone could figure out the recipe for no carb bread.

You can make your own by adding sweetener to yogurt and vanilla, freezing for about half an hour to 60 minutes and then making the milkshake.
Wondering if you are coming out with a recipe collection, or perhaps even an e-book to help wrangle your creativity into a handy index.
The main recipe index takes you to “pages” and those pages include information like number of carbs per serving, Induction Friendly, Gluten-free and more!

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