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From savory soups, to fresh salads, to super side dishes, these recipes are sure to complement any main course. This low carb peanut butter cup square candy is very similar to a recipe that I learned how to make in middle school Home Economics class. Even though sugar is all carbs – and simple quickly digested carbs at that – it does serve a significant function in baked goods. However, in addition to simply cutting the sugar in half (with most recipes, you won't even notice a taste difference), you can opt for sugar substitutes, which are typically even sweeter than sugar and provide few, if any, carbohydrates. With the vast array of low carb cookie, cake, pie crust and quick bread mixes, you can make your low carb holiday baking a breeze. If, on the other hand, baking from scratch is an integral part of your holiday spirit, find low carb versions of your favorite recipes, many of which substitute soy flour, whole wheat flour or even almond flour for all purpose flour. You can also lower the carb count by using your traditional recipes and substituting one-fourth to one-third of the all purpose flour with soy, whole wheat or almond flour. Another option is to look for flour-less desserts recipes (for example, flourless chocolate cake or chocolate torte) but make sure they are also lower in sugar.
For recipes that call for candy – like candy cane brownies or peanut butter cup cookies – use low carb or sugar-free candy. When recipes call for freshly whipped cream, omit the sugar – the dessert itself will be sweet enough – or replace it with an equivalent sugar substitute.

And don't forget, the best way to lower your carb intake is to enjoy modest portions – slow down and savor every bite and it will be more satisfying than quickly gobbling up a large serving.
Choose from any of these quick and easy recipes for gluten-free, low-carb options that will keep you full for hours, including my world-famous bread sticks and oopsie rolls. Choose from recipes like this simply delicious cheesecake,  easy frozen yogurt, and the super-popular Mini Mascarpone Bites at only 1.5 net carbs each.
That recipe mixed graham cracker crumbs into the peanut butter mixture as well as regular powdered sugar.
I do prefer erythritol for most things, but xylitol is better in a lot of chocolate recipes where erythritol can crystallize.
Even if you are following a low carb lifestyle, you can incorporate a few simple recipe modifications that will cut the carbs without sacrificing your sweet-tooth pleasure.
Though it is impossible to tastefully create a cookie, cake or other baked dessert with zero carbs, you can significantly reduce them with the following tips. Sugar provides the expected sweetness of desserts as well as leavening, color, and the moistness that makes cookies, cakes and quick breads melt in your mouth. Be sure that the sugar alternatives you use are actually made for baking – read the label for appropriate substitution. Replace the graham cracker crust with a crushed low carb variety of cookie or substitute half of the crushed cookie with finely chopped nuts or almond flour.

This low carb version brought back memories of my days as a young teenager learning how to make food with friends. Here are some low carb baking tips and two decadent desserts with fewer carbs than the usual renditions. In fact, I still have the handwritten note that my classmate gave me for the original peanut butter cup bar recipe we made together in 8th grade. I loved the recipe so much, I kept it in my mother’s Better Homes and Gardens cookbook that was later handed down to me since I used the cookbook much more than my mom. It’s great to be able to enjoy the same taste in a much healthier version of the peanut butter cup candy recipe.
I think these squares would taste amazing cut up and blended into low carb vanilla ice cream – a homemade low carb DQ Blizzard.

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