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Ketogenic diets are very low in carbohydrate, therefore blood sugar and insulin levels are lower and much more stable than on standard “balanced” diets that are high in carbohydrate. Very low-carbohydrate diets can alter the way medications are processed by the body, so if you are taking medications of any kind (including blood pressure and diabetes medications), and decide to try a low-carbohydrate diet, please do so with close medical supervision. There are 2 excellent books about ketogenic diets: The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living (Phinney and Volek) and The Rosedale Diet (Rosedale). Sweet potatoes and yams have a lower glycemic index (typically between 50 and 70) while white potatoes run between 70 and 110 (Russets are 110). My wife has had a bi-polar issue for years, and reports that she feels much better on a low carb, high fat diet. Dramatic mood changes are more likely on low-carbohydrate diets because the chemical changes within the body on a low-carbohydrate diet are much more profound (and occur more rapidly) than on a Paleo diet–electrolyte and insulin levels can drop quickly, for example, which could affect Lithium levels.

Despite various anti-depressants, I could never seem to feel better…until I went on a low-carb diet 2 years ago. She has told me that when she eats carbs now, in a moment of weakness, her head just spins and she feels very strange.
I had a fasting level of 70-75 and post-prandial after exceedingly high carb+sugar meals of 80-87. Apparently I only need a tiny amount of ketones present in order to not have migraines, but I want to be in deeper ketosis for my mood, energy, and focus. This diet can smooth out the spikes in blood sugar and insulin but your cells burn mostly carbohydrate on this diet instead of fat.
For carbs, I just checked my food journal and I am eating between 40-100 carbs a day, probably averaging at 70.

I started a low-carb diet to improve my GERD but never expected to have less physical pain or depression! I am confused over why my blood sugar did not spike, especially because I feel like I’m addicted to carbs!

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