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After reading the ingredient list on the ice cream carton my husband bought last night I was appalled.
I had never seen xanthan gum being used in low carb (or any other) ice cream recipes before, so I had to try and add that, too. I’d been craving ice-cream all summer but, since we moved cross-country, the ice-cream maker had been packed away.
Two minor changes -1st one on purpose: I made my own coffee liqueur with rum, coffee, erythritol and stevia and it turned out great.
Honestly, Gabriela, about the xanthan gum, I do it that way simply because when I looked up how to add xanthan to ice cream, the recipes said to add it just before churning. I put about half the churned ice cream into the container in which I am going to freeze it. Well, because of this ice cream it looks like it’s time to find a few new ingredients! A combination of heavy cream and 1% milk creates a healthier ice cream that’s still creamy.
Your post is timely as I was making ice cream last night and pondering how to make leftovers *more scoopable* after they’ve been in the freezer.

I did try other ice cream makers and took them all back and just bought another KitchenAid attachment. Hi Amy…Just to let you know I made this ice cream with all coconut milk and it turned out beautiful. We are a raw milk family, so the difference from your recipe is that we used whole raw milk and the cream was from one of our gallons of whole milk.
What a treat – love how you used some almond milk and reduced the sweetener in this recipe!
I just started subscribing to your newsletter and ironically I have been scoring the internet and cook books for over a week in search of a good sugar free recipe (after my first attempt with frozen yogurt and tons of honey turned out an icy, mediocre frozen treat). Of course the honey is going to change the flavor of the ice cream but I think it should still be scoopable. Just wanted to share… I used the method from your lemon merengue frozen yogurt recipe to make a mojito-flavored frozen yogurt. My son shattered a tupperware bowl trying to get out a scoop of the last home-made ice-cream I made.
I have some powdered stevia in my cupboard that I haven’t used yet and I also have a father in law who is diabetic but loves ice cream.

This creamy, soft serve style ice cream is a perfect fall seasonal treat for one or increase the recipe and share with family and friends on Thanksgiving with sugar free pumpkin pie! When we bought our house a few years ago, the previous owner left an ice cream maker I’ve never used.
It was luscious, and the coffee flavor was just right – not strong coffee ice-cream (not that that would have been bad), but a well-balanced mocha blend.
And I did (I think I was too eager to get it into the ice-cream maker), but I could not tell any detrimental factors in texture at all. Oh yes, we topped it all off with fresh whipped-cream, more of your chocolate sauce (I’d made extra), and sprinkled peanuts on top.
Once milk reaches the scalding point, turn heat down to low immediately and remove milk from heat. In a medium heat proof bowl, beat eggs on medium until light and frothy.

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