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June 12, 2015 By Carolyn 41 Comments Reviewing some great new low carb snacks and kitchen gadgets. I wanted to let your California viewers know that Halotop is carried at Fresh and Easy stores, Ralphs and some Whole Foods.
I make plenty of it myself but I am delighted to see more low carb and sugar-free products hitting the market. Alas, most of the varieties are quite sweet and not appropriate for a diabetic or low carb diet. It’s wonderfully creamy, has great flavour, and comes out to 4 net carbs (once you subtract the fiber and erythritol).
There’s actually a really great low carb dairy-free alternative out there for you too.

But I do just make a big smoothie for my kids (often contains higher carb fruits, it’s not for me!), and fill it with that.
And then you like to share with the low carb community at large, telling them about your new findings so they can reap the benefits. I’ve had a ball doing this lately, keeping my eyes peeled for anything that might make a good low carb or keto treat. I’ve been purchasing the standard flavours, the vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, at my local stores and I love them all, as do my children. I’ve been using them ever since to make my own low sugar yogurt squeezers to send in with my kids to school. The total net carb count is still just 5 g but I have to wonder why a savoury nut snack needs the sugar.

It does contain some organic sugar, but it doesn’t seem to spike my glucose at all because the net carbs remain quite low.
This is a winner, in my opinion, and a product I plan to have on hand all summer long.┬áCheck out their store locator to see if they sell it near you. I have no particular dietary reason (such as diabetes or celiac disease) to do low-carb, other than I’ve been reading about it for years and have come to believe that it is probably best for health.

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