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This is a low-carb and low-fat crustless cheesecake recipe suitable for South Beach phase 1. For those who follow a low-carb diet, desserts that are both scrumptious and satisfying can be few and far between—with the exception of low carb cheesecake. The following is list of easy low-carb cheesecake recipes that has you covered on the dessert front. Continuing in the trend of easy no bake cheesecake recipes, here’s one for No Bake Raspberry-Lemon Cheesecake.
Ingredients: Graham cracker crumbs, sugar, unsalted butter, lemon, cream cheese and vanilla extract.
When you first decide to forgo grains, you may feel there are limited crust options for desserts. Ingredients: Mixed nuts, granular sweetener or coconut sugar, cinnamon, lemon juice, powdered sweetener, eggs, cream cheese, butter or ghee. Ingredients: Strawberries, cream cheese, butter or coconut oil, powdered erythritol, and vanilla extract. Ingredients: Almond flour, powdered Swerve Sweetener, butter, cream cheese, cream or Greek yogurt and lemon.
If fruit in your low carb desserts isn’t your thing, then this recipe for low-carb Caramel Pecan Cheesecake is sure to hit the spot—the sweet spot, that is! Ingredients: Cream cheese, heavy cream, caramel flavoring, vanilla, sweetener, pecans and butter. You don’t need to turn on the oven to experience the homey warmth of this autumnal-themed dessert. Ingredients: Graham cracker crumbs, unsalted butter, reduced-fat cream cheese, sifted sugar, pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice. These yummy low-carb and gluten free Caramel Cheesecakes are prepared in individual servings using a muffin tin. Ingredients: Cream cheese, eggs, sugar, vanilla, butter, milk, almond meal, cinnamon, and baking soda. This low-carb cheesecake recipe is similar to the above listed No-Bake Lime Cheesecake Shooters, although this one is baked and then cut into bars instead of served in individual portions. Ingredients: Cinnamon, almond flour, sweetener, butter, cream cheese, vanilla extract, eggs and lime juice. Here’s a creamy twist on the classic lemon cheesecake recipe: a low-carb cheesecake presented in the form of the dessert known as mousse. Ingredients: Whipping cream, cream cheese, lemon curd or prepared lemon pie filling, vanilla, powdered sugar and berries.
Another classic cheesecake recipe—raspberry cheesecake—gets a low carb update with this delicious, decadent concoction. Ingredients: Butter, granulated sugar substitute, unsweetened coconut, coconut flour, baking powder, cream cheese, egg and vanilla extract. The best of all dessert worlds come together in this winning low carb mash-up of chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake and dessert bars. Ingredients: Almond flour, shredded coconut, baking powder, butter, coconut sugar, egg, vanilla extract and cream cheese. Please note: the ten minutes referred to in the title of this recipe includes both the preparation and the cook-time. If you’re on a low carb diet, you may have kissed the idea of cookie pizza good-bye long ago. Ingredients: Almond flour, coconut flour, baking powder, butter, sweetener, cream cheese, eggs and almond milk. This creamy, strawberry-filled cheesecake is coated with a delicious layer of chocolate ganache made with butter, unsweetened chocolate, Swerve sweetener and vanilla extract. Not only do cheesecake brownies already sound like the epitome of a dense, thick and yummy dessert, but this delicious recipe offers health benefits as well by being low carb and gluten-free. Though this recipe is not as low in carbs as some of the others on this list, it is still sugar- and grain-free and contains far fewer carbs than its traditional counterpart.
Ingredients: Salted pepitas, pecan, kosher salt, Splenda, cream cheese, anilla extract, whipping cream and strawberries. Though the word “truffle” usually denotes a fancy, decadent dessert that is only eaten once in a while, these No-Bake Raspberry Cheesecake Truffles are perfect for popping anytime without doing any damage to your diet. Ingredients: Cream cheese, powdered Swerve or erythritol, heavy cream, vanilla stevia, raspberry extract, coconut oil and chocolate chips. Ingredients: Macadamia nuts, coconut, sweetener, butter, cream cheese, eggs, coconut milk, vanilla extract and coconut extract.
So far on the list, we’ve seen recipes for both pumpkin cheesecake and truffles, but never combined until now. Ingredients: Cream cheese, pumpkin puree, sweetener, eggs, vanilla extract, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.
Ingredients: Tortillas, cream cheese, sour cream, sugar, vanilla extract, strawberries and cinnamon. Mini treats always seem extra fancy, and these Mini Cherry Chocolate Cheesecakes are no exception. Ingredients: Almond flour, cocoa powder, sweetener, butter, cream cheese, egg, whipping cream, cherry extract and chocolate. Ingredients: Hazelnut meal, cocoa powder, sweetener, butter, cream cheese eggs, heavy cream and vanilla extract. Here is another tried and true dessert recipe that has been adapted into a delicious and satisfying no carb option. Ingredients: Cream cheese, eggs, lemon, orange, heavy cream, vanilla extract and strawberries.
Cannoli is a notoriously sugar- and flour-laden dessert, and like many such desserts, one that those who have switched to a low carb diet thought they would never taste again. Ingredients: Almond flour, sweetener, cinnamon, dark cocoa powder, butter, egg and ricotta cheese. These dessert bombs are made by wrapping balls of cheesecake in homemade pizza dough, rolling in cinnamon-sugar, and baking until the sugary coating has formed a light brown crust and the dough is cooked through.
Lavender is an interesting and unexpected ingredient to include in foods, especially desserts. This simple and refreshing recipe for Peppermint Cheesecake Bars calls for just four ingredients: butter, cream cheese, a sugar-free sweetener such as Swerve, and peppermint extract. Ingredients: Almond flour, butter, Splenda, cream cheese, vanilla extract, heavy whipping cream and lemon jello. Ingredients: Almond meal, butter, heavy whipping cream, vanilla extract, cream cheese and lemon juice. If you didn’t know any better, you’d swear that this Skinny Low Carb Peanut Butter Cheesecake wasn’t skinny or low carb.

Ingredients: Butter, almond flour, Truvia, cream cheese, peanut butter, whipping cream and dark chocolate.
Though not the likeliest of flavors to put together, the distinctive tastes of coconut and blueberry compliment each other wonderfully in this recipe for Coconut and Blueberry Cheesecake. This recipe for No Bake Cheesecake differs from the others on this list in that it calls for crushed cookie crumbs—animal crackers, vanilla wafers or whatever cookie you prefer—to make the crust, and a box of instant vanilla- or cheesecake-flavored pudding for the filling.
Ingredients: Cookie crumbs, butter, sugar, cream cheese, heavy cream, milk, vanilla pudding and vanilla extract. So far on this list, we’ve come across many cheesecake crusts that are made with nuts or nut flours in place of grains. Ingredients: heavy cream, peppermint extract, cream cheese, cocoa powder, peppermint stevia and cacao nibs. You can never go wrong by adding cheesecake and chocolate together, and anyone who has ever tried this recipe for Chocolate Cheesecake Fudge can attest to that.
Ingredients: Chocolate, butter, cream cheese, vanilla extract, sweetener and pecans or walnuts. This recipe for “Healthified” Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake may be a little more involved than some of the others on this list as it calls specifically for the use of chocolate raspberry ChocoPerfection bars.
Ingredients: Coconut oil, chocolate, almond flour, raspberry extract, egg, almond milk, cocoa and cream cheese. Ingredients: Greek yogurt, neufchatel cheese, almond milk, stevia extract, vanilla paste and lemon flavor. This sweet concoction calls for freeze-dried fruit powder instead of actual fruit, which is often unusable in low carb recipes due to its high water content and carbohydrate levels. Ingredients: Butter, eggs, almond flour, coconut flour, tartar, cream cheese, sour cream and vanilla extract. Ingredients: Sweetener, butter, kosher salt, cream cheese, vanilla extract, eggs, heavy cream and raspberries.
Ingredients: Almonds, white chocolate, butter, cinnamon, cream cheese, egg, sour cream and raspberry sauce. With this list of easy low carb cheesecake recipes under your belt, you’ll be able to enjoy eating dessert without ever having to tighten said belt, and without having to give up your old favorites. August 13, 2015 by Brenda 14 Comments Sugar Free Low Carb Coffee Ricotta Mousse is a creamy, luscious dessert that satisfies like no other! This recipe is so good you might need to make this more often than just in the summer months when you don’t feel like baking but need a spectacular dessert.
And because you will want to have this recipe handy you may want a way to save it somewhere. Not only do you have a way to save all your favorites, the unique filters allow you to choose how to find recipes you like by holiday, cuisine, taste, diet, nutrition, allergy, cook time, technique, and more!
I personally use Evernote + Evernote food to save recipes, so I can save my own already digitized word documents and collected recipes, PLUS weblinks. Whenever I put ricotta on pizza, it always ends up so sweet after baking, no wonder it’s used so often in desserts! 7 Awesome Low Carb Recipes That Taste Amazing Nutrition Secrets Real Research. In a separate bowl, using a wire whisk, mix heavy cream, vanilla, lemon juice, eggs, and egg yolks until blended.
This entry was posted in Deserts, Recipes and tagged cheesecake, dessert, diabetic, diabetics, Low-carb, ny, ricotta, rosedale. This sweet treat consists mainly of low-carb foods—cheese, eggs and cream—and is the ultimate in low carb desserts. It’s hard to think of two treats that would be a better match in dessert heaven than these ones. This easy cheesecake recipe features a luscious, creamy texture with a healthy dose of pecan-y, caramel goodness. This simple cheesecake recipe only calls for five ingredients: ricotta cheese, egg, flour, honey or maple syrup, and blueberries, of course. Instead of a traditional sugar-laden cookie crust, this crumbly crust is made using crushed slivered almonds, almond flour and just a quarter cup of sugar. This dessert provides a tangy zip of lime with the smooth, mellow and sweet taste of the cheesecake to create a scrumptious and satisfying low-carb cheesecake option.
For this simple cheesecake recipe, you essentially make a lemon cheesecake, but instead of baking it with a crust, you mix the ingredients in a mixer to create a unique treat that glides off the spoon.
You can’t go wrong when you sandwich creamy, smooth low carb vanilla cheesecake in between sweet layers of grain-free chocolate chip cookie dough. This means that anytime you have a few minutes to spare, you can easily whip up an amazing, delicious cheesecake.
This recipe takes this traditional favorite a step further by creating a low carb option with a taste and texture identical to that of the original. The use of grass-fed gelatin in the filling makes this an easy and healthy no bake dessert. These indulgent brownies, complete with a swirled topping of chocolate and a creamy layer of cheesecake, are even better when allowed to chill in the refrigerator overnight. A mixture of ground pepitas, pecans and salt substitutes for the pretzels in this recipe adaptation, while frozen strawberries and strawberry gelatin sit atop the cheesecake filling. These round little treats feature a soft, smooth raspberry-flavored center with a dreamy chocolate coating, and are the perfect dessert for Valentine’s Day. These amazing little balls of deliciousness have a smooth, creamy, pumpkin cheesecake filling, smothered in a rich, sugar-free dark chocolate coating. A chimichanga, which is a deep fried tortilla rolled around a filling, is traditionally a savory dish but gets a sweet makeover in this recipe, in which a tortilla is filled with a mixture of strawberry cheesecake and fresh strawberries, coated with cinnamon-sugar and deep fried.
These sweet little gems don’t actually contain cherries, as cherries are not low carb foods. In this recipe, a cheesecake mixture made with Greek yogurt, cream cheese, a sweetener and vanilla extract is portioned out into the ice cube tray, covered with chocolate and frozen. This easy recipe for Low Carb Strawberry Cheesecake is gluten-free as well, since it doesn’t have any crust. These Cinnamon-Sugar Cheesecake Bombs are different from any dessert you’ve had before and completely addicting, especially when dipped in chocolate sauce or cream. It adds a surprising note of flavor that is also, many find, surprisingly enjoyable, as in this recipe for Lavender and Lemon Vegan Cheesecake. The crust is made with almond flour, butter and your choice of sugar-free sweetener and is baked in the oven for a few minutes, then filled with the light, creamy no bake lemon cheesecake filling.
Building on the base of this dessert essential, this recipe also include instructions on how to make the dish crustless, with a chocolate crust, or as a peanut butter cheesecake. Here, instead of using nuts as a grain-free base for the cheesecake, desiccated coconut is combined with melted butter, a sugar substitute and egg whites for a delightfully chewy, sweet crust.

In this mixture, the smooth, luscious properties of the cheesecake filling and the mousse combine to deliver the ultimate in a creamy dessert.
This rich and indulgent fudge is creamy, thick, sweet and chockfull of nuts and chocolate—and very low carbs. This unique recipe includes two different flavors of freeze-dried fruit power, gelatin, coconut oil, desiccated coconut and macadamia nuts. This unbelievably luscious and creamy version of the sugary classic was adapted from a recipe originally called the “Dream Cheese Cake.” This low carb New York Style Cheesecake can be topped with any topping you choose. It’s not every day you come across a cheesecake with a ginger snap crust, let along a low carb one. Delicious and innovative low carb recipes like the ones on this list are proof that great desserts can be made with low-carb foods that are both scrumptious and satisfying. Credible Sources Nutrition, Weight Loss 7 Awesome Low Carb Recipes That Taste Amazing Posted by : Mike Kamo Mike Kamo July 10th, 2015 6 Comments In Nutrition, Weight LossWhile it’s true that we need carbs in our diet to give us energy and ensure that our bodies perform properly, we don’t need to be weighed down by too many of the wrong kinds of carbs.
In this recipe, a moist, rich chocolate brownie provides the base for a wonderfully decadent layer of thick, creamy cheesecake. Here is an easy no bake cheesecake recipe that is low-maintenance enough to whip up on a weeknight, but still packs a serious punch in the taste department. This no bake cheesecake comes together in just fifteen minutes—which leaves you ample time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. A mixture of nuts such as almonds, pecans and walnuts, cinnamon and a low carb sweetener of your choice stands in for a traditional grain-filled crust. With a crust made from almond flour, butter and Swerve Sweetener and topped with sugar-free blueberry sauce, this dessert is perfect for days when it’s just too hot to switch on the oven. The blueberries and natural sweetener provide great flavor while the ricotta provides fat and substance to this healthy dessert. The inclusion of cinnamon sugar makes this a perfect easy cheesecake recipe for the holiday season.
These bars differ from other dessert bars in that they feature a macaroon crust made from coconut flakes and coconut powder, along with butter, baking powder and a sugar substitute.
Plus, baking this cake in a coffee mug helps cut the clean-up time for this recipe way down. The chocolate cookie crust is made using almond flour, cocoa powder and low carb sweeteners, then the pizza is topped with fresh berries and a drizzle of dark chocolate. The sugar substitute used to make the caramel in this recipe is Swerve, which is as sweet as sugar but has an extremely low glycemic index. Along with cream cheese, the filling includes coconut milk, vanilla and coconut extracts, and the macadamia nut crust provides a salty, crunchy counterpart to the toasted coconut and whipped cream on top.
Simply combine ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, sugar-free lime Jello mix and hot water in a blender, pour into individual-sized serving containers and refrigerate until they set. This luscious cheesecake, with a ribbon of sweet Nutella swirled through it, is impossible to resist—and since it’s low carb and sugar-free, you won’t have to. Decorate the top with sliced fresh strawberries and drizzle with melted low-sugar or sugar-free strawberry jam for maximum effect. Pastry cups made with almond flour and cocoa and a filling of Ricotta cheese and sugar-free chocolate chips result in this authentic cannoli. A candy cane and red food coloring for garnishing are optional, as the inclusion of these ingredients increases the carb content.
The luscious and creamy peanut butter cheesecake filling combined with a crust made from almond flour, Stevia and butter and topped with Reddi-Whip and chocolate shavings makes an unforgettable dessert you can enjoy guilt-free. The chocolate and cream cheese are melted together in a double boiler, then added to a meringue made from the eggs and lemon juice. This recipe can be easily adapted to make plain chocolate cheesecake mousse, as well as a variation with citrus, and it takes just minutes to prepare. This recipe includes unsweetened chocolate and dairy-free chocolate chips or a chocolate bar. Once you have tasted this Healthy Cheesecake Ice Cream, you will never look at cheesecake, ice cream or health food the same way again. This recipe includes classic cheesecake flavors raspberry and lemon, but offers a tasty twist with the homemade low carb ginger snap crust and the individually-sized servings. In these bites, the velvety cheesecake filling is topped with raspberry sauce, nestled inside tiny toasted almond crusts.
In fact, on this diet, dessert becomes an enjoyable way to consume more healthy fats and nutrients.
Unfortunately once Ziplist was no longer in existence there wasn’t much else to use except just to print the recipe and save it somewhere at home.
This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share what I am using and love! You can browse through the seasonal tab or easy weeknight meals or what’s popular now and they even select recommendations just for you!
While not technically cheesecake, that is the only term that seems appropriate to label this sweet and indulgent concoction.
Due to how easily this dessert can be stored, you can keep servings cool in the fridge and pop one out whenever you need a sweet, low carb pick-me-up. Armed with this sweet knowledge, it won’t be hard to bid carbs good-bye without ever looking back. Cloud BreadWith almost no carbs and lots of protein, this bread is the lightest way to enjoy having that lunch staple sandwich without all the white flour found in regular bread. When you wake up, you’ll notice that your little pillows will have magically turned into buns.I love using these for turkey sandwiches and even burgers. Avocado Egg SaladWith only one gram of carbs per two eggs, it’s not hard to see why eggs are a great addition to any healthy, low carb diet. Spoon some egg salad on the lettuce and assemble into a yummy sandwich.You’ll be satiated and energized to tackle the rest of your day with ease!DinnerIt’s easy to pack a low carb lunch for work but it’s a whole different story trying to make low carb dinners your family will enjoy. It’s hard enough trying to please other palates, but now you have to attempt to get those palates to like ‘healthy’ food too.Unless you can substitute their favorites with healthier, low carb versions…Take a typical take out night for example. Thai Pork SkewersMy Kitchen Escapades grilled up these mouthwatering skewers with pork as the low carb protein, but I’ve adapted them to make this recipe a tad healthier. Sprinkle with green onions to garnish.If you’re like most of us, there’s nothing more satisfying than tucking into a warm bowl of cheesy pasta. Spaghetti Squash with Mushrooms and Gruyere CheeseSpaghetti squash is unlike other squash in its family because once cooked, you can scrape out the innards and get long, spaghetti like strands (hence the name). Top with chocolate chips.I hope I’ve shown you that eating low carb doesn’t mean having to eating steaks and salads every day.

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