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I should mention that at my Boxing Day party, I cut this cheesecake up into little bite size squares with no extra toppings at all, and nobody suspected this was low carb or sugar free. Tagged cheesecake, cream cheese, fat bombs, gluten free, keto cheesecake, keto dessert, LCHF, low carb, low carb cheesecake, nutritional ketosis, what to eat on ketogenic. I use ground up pecans, butter and a bit of cinnamon for the crust on my low carb cheesecake. Beat the cream cheese until light and fluffy, keeping the mixer on a low setting throughout the beating and mixing process.
My cheesecake rose more than an inch above the top of the pan and got very brown around the edges, forming a ridge. If you cut this in the suggested 16 servings, you won't get Cheesecake Factory size slices.
UPDATE: Although I haven't tried her variation yet, Cheri has modified her recipe a little.

So after a lot of research I have rounded up some of the absolute BEST low-carb cheesecake recipes available from some of my favorite low-carb cooks and authors! The cheesecake will be set when it is done, but it needs to chill for at least 4 hours in the refrigerator before serving. I added a dollop of whipped cream to mine here which will add another 100 calories, 11 g fat and 1 carb.
My dads a diabetic so I’m always looking for recipes I can make to take over during the holidays. My two youngest children actually had cheesecakes disguised as traditional wedding cake covered in fondant at their receptions!
Stick with me below the “fold” and you will be making delicious cheesecake desserts too! While I admit to having paid the high price to have Junior’s Famous low carb Cheesecake shipped to me from NYC I have decided that for that same $40+ I can buy a nice spring form pan and make my own any time I want for a fraction of the cost!

When the time is up, prop open the oven door, turn off the heat and leave the cheesecake in the oven for 1 hour.
Add 2 more carbs per serving if using granular Splenda and 1 more per serving if using liquid Splenda. I used a mixture of almonds, pecans, and sugar free vanilla wafers for the crust, ( (slightly higher in carbs but, not by much) Delicious!

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