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If you’re rushing to work in the morning, spending time in the kitchen trying out low carb breakfast ideas might not be an option. But traditional cereals contain simple carbohydrates, which are the enemy of low carb dieters. This cereal, made by Nutritious Living, comes in four flavors – original, strawberry, vanilla-almond, and maple pecan – and has just six grams of net carbs per serving. If you prefer hot to cold cereal, Sensato makes a High Fiber Hot Cereal that comes in five flavors: plain, apple cinnamon, butter pecan, “strawberrilicious,” and vanilla almond. Despite “cereal” being often associated with “carbs,” these days there are plenty of low carb cereals available. When it is a low carb hot cereal that doesn’t have an iota of grain in it, but first (once again) you have to get past the fact that I used cauliflower. I have always loved oatmeal but always had to stay away from it because my body has never really like carbs. Like many of my other low carb recipes please try to get past the fact that I have, once again, lost my mind and go ahead and try this just once.
Last week I published an article dispelling the myth that you cannot eat cold cereal when following a low carb lifestyle. Low Carb Hot Cereal   Print Prep time 5 mins Total time 5 mins   This low carb hot cereal is simple enough that you can tweak it however you and your family will like!

There are almost as many recipes for low carb hot cereal as there are imaginations to dream them up. No hot cereal roundup would be complete without this recipe from All Day I Dream About Food.
So there you have it… you asked could you eat hot cereal and still stay low carb… well I guess I proved you can!
You do not have to be very awake to pour some cereal and milk into a bowl, and you can scarf it down pretty fast if you are in a rush to get to work.
Before you despair, know that there are plenty of low carb cereals you can find in your grocery store; they are made with soy and whole grains, which provide a lot of fiber, and are low in sugar. These cereals also have 12 grams of protein and six grams of fiber to keep you feeling full until lunchtime.
The sweet maple flavor contains eight grams of carbs per serving, with six of those being fiber. Remember that milk has naturally occurring sugars, which are carbs, so be sparing in how much milk you put on your cereal if you want to cut even more carbs. Take a moment to deal with it, to manage the emotions, and to accept the fact that cauliflower is a lowcarber’s best friend. Fear not, you don’t have to forego the crunchy stuff with these 25 delicious homemade cereal recipes.

I was never that much of a cereal fan, but a bowl of that granola from the orange box was always welcome. It is calculated using MacGourmet software and I remove erythritol from the final carb count and net carb count, as it does not affect my own blood glucose levels. A number of you contacted me to ask if it is possible to enjoy hot cereals while dieting too. Flax seed has just as much fiber as it does carbs so it always makes for very low carb results! You can also opt for hot cereals – plain oatmeal is actually one of the best whole grain, low carb choices out there – if you do not like plain cereal and milk.
The cereal is made with soy grits, wheat gluten, soy protein, corn bran, rice flour, and corn meal. The five brands above provide particularly good options in their low carb counts along with high fiber and protein. I like using unsweetened Ghirardelli cocoa in these types of recipes to keep it as low carb as possible while having fully delicious chocolate taste.

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