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I wish there was a simple answer here, but there is no strict ratio for taking a conventional recipe and recreating it with coconut flour. As a pastry chef, I think you will find it really strange at first, but as you get used to it, I bet you will come up with some amazing creations! I’ve yet to enter the realm of coconut or actually any nut flours, though I do have a package of recently purchased almond flour in my pantry. I’m really glad you posted this, I have been so curious to try baking with coconut flour!
It can be tricky but you have to try it a few times and then you feel more comfortable with it! I made this cake for my daughter’s first birthday today (I kept the nuts out of her piece). I have two huge bags of coconut flour that I keep putting off using because I hate to waste it with experimenting.

I have got coconut flour sitting in my pantry waiting for me to hurry up an start practicing with it, thank you for this post, it will come so handy!!! I’ve been looking for a post that explains the difference between coconut flour and nut flour.
I have a bag of coconut flour in the fridge (will have to take it out in the morning, now that I know better) but have been a little intimidated by it, ruining a couple of recipes.
Grain free baking is indeed an entirely different animal and even more challenging than gluten free baking (with grain flours). As one who manipulates traditional wheat flour most days, I’m quite intrigued by this variety and it compels me to get working with it.
I have cooked with coconut flour and almond flour for probably 5 years now, ever since I was diagnosed with Type 2 but I still learn something from your posts. I love your coconut flour blueberry waffles and I also like adding about a tablespoon of coconut flour to smoothies.

Best tip for newbies was your suggestion to start with something like pancakes so the batter can be adjusted without the entire batch of batter being tossed and to use tried and true (well tested) recipes. Perhaps its most distinctive characteristic is the rather astonishing way it soaks up moisture and liquids, and in this it differs from most other flours, gluten-free or otherwise.
Non recipe posts (such as tutorials, etc.) with all the research, writing and editing takes a significant amount of time.

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