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No matter what you're cooking on the grill, this Savory Low-Carb Marinade Recipe for Grilled Chicken, Pork, or Beef will make it taste better!
This Savory Low-Carb Marinade was one of the earliest recipes I posted on my blog, and it's equally good on chicken, pork, or beef, keeping the meat moist and flavorful on the grill. Put the chicken, pork, or beef in a Ziploc bag or a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid.
Chicken, pork, or beef marinated in this would be perfect for any phase of The South Beach Diet. Still having a barbecue fest at our home my husband and I decide to try making smoked chicken.
Living a Low Carb Lifestyle is full of wonderful savory and salty flavors, but leaves little to desire when you have a sweet tooth craving. I love to barbecue, or should I say I love it when my husband barbecues, but right now with moving our place is too packed with boxes to even find my BBQ.
If I were to cook the chicken on an outdoor barbecue grill, I would probably leave the skin on and brush the sauce on after the chicken has cooked most of the way through.

I have never been a fan on barbecued chicken because it always turns out blackened and dry.
I found using a barbecue thermometer really helped to maintain a steady heat and also check the meat temperature.
When I posted the picture of my Chicken Shawarma the other day the white sauce on the side was not garlic sauce. Spoon 2 tablespoons of the barbecue sauce over each piece of chicken; spread to cover the top of meat. No matter how much I lather them in sauce they still would turn out dry and end up being used for chicken salad smothered in mayonnaise.
After being sick, moving, and picking a last-minute freelance job I am finally back to you as a full-time Low Carb cooker.
After the purchase of our new fancy smoking barbecue my husband got a few tips from a friend to try making brined smoked chicken thighs. With a little begging and pleading I convinced the owner of a local restaurant to give me his family recipe for  a classic Low Carb enchilada sauce. I have in my possession a Chile Guajillo that I plan on using in this recipe soon!

I finally gave up at nine-o-clock and just served my chicken shawarma with ranch dressing (the only similar thing I had in my fridge at the time). I decided to use a similar technique that Martha Stewart uses on her big bird by brining the chicken thighs in a bottle of white wine and kosher salt. Instead of adding a bunch of herbs to the brine I chose to use a simple pre-made poultry rub to the chicken after the brining process was done. Check back in soon for more Low Carb Mexican Recipes inspired by my trip to Cabo San Lucas.

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