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Disclaimer: My feelings towards pregnancy-related weight gain are not to be confused with any lack of appreciation for being pregnant.
It took me years to finally lose the baby weight from first two (plus some extra that needed to go), it was total work…I was at a good place before I got pregnant, will get there again! Being completely honest, one of the things I struggle most with when thinking about trying to have a baby is the weight gain. I totally understand that if my husband & I get blessed with a pregnancy, there will be weight gain for me. I’m not pregnant, but I did lose a lot of weight and the scale slowly kept creeping up. The infamous 30 day plank challenge weight loss mission is geared towards trimming your waist line in 3o days, and tighten your mid section to give you that toned look.

The first year after my first pregnancy I lost 65 pounds and wound up 15 pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight. My husband and I were just talking about my attitude toward pregnancy weight gain is so so different this time around. Second baby it was harder to maintain the weight but pregnancy is a time to really enjoy eating.
One of the biggest reasons I’m losing weight is because my doctor told me that at my before weight, I would be considered a high risk pregnancy by default. It will be hard to face those higher numbers, but like you said, I can always lose the weight again. Sometimes I kick myself for not losing the weight before I got married but I am happy I did it before pregnancy.
This  challenge comes with two fifteen day challenges, of which the first 15 days is for beginners and the other 15 days  takes to a whole new level of planking and weight loss achievement.

God always has a plan and I think that was part of mine – to appreciate being pregnant and be ok with gaining weight. I know when I first lost a very large amount of weight it took a long time for my brain to catch up with my body.
After spending years counting calories, weighing food and measuring serving sizes, there is something very counterintuitive about watching the scale creep up week after week. Weight loss can be achieved by following some consistent rules for 2-4 months, but the joy you get from serving kids is unmatched.
But in the back of my mind, there was always that lingering fear that this weight would never come off and I would never get back to my old ways of eating.

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