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The proportions in this dish turn simple pasta, tomato, and cheese (all five kinds) into one of the most satisfying dishes around. We have our friend Jordana to thank for this dish’s permanent presence on our meal rotation. Beware that like the most Chinese vegetable dishes, many of the following can be laced with pork or shrimp. I am updating the article on my own and will have a new and improved list completed very soon that will be set to higher vegetarian standards. As much as we love it, all that frying and assembly means it’s really not a small kitchen dish.

My wife is starting to freak out because I don’t eat veggies all to often, in fact, I pushed the bok choy of my plate last night. I fixed #13 as I had all the ingredients on hand (well, barley was the grain as I have never seen the one listed) and all of us would have liked bigger servings, it was so good. We also listed the meat that often comes with the dishes so vegetarians can be aware what meat to look out for.
This was a guest post and the writer apparently isn’t a very good vegetarian haha, and also forgot to mention how to ask for no meat in some of the dishes. But by concentrating on presentation and texture, perhaps the biggest stumpers in vegetarian cooking, we’ve come up with impressive but simple dishes to serve as the main course when you’ve got vegetarians at your table, or simply when you’re the mood to go meat free.

As for choosing China Adventurer’s original list to reblog in the first place, it was because I thought that some of the choices were good, and although different restaurants put meat in some of them, in my experience restaurants can tell you if they could leave the meat out or not if you ask (cooking oil is another issue).

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