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My subject today is going to hit close to home for a lot of people but I want to talk a little about juicing, meal replacement shakes and other general liquid diets that won’t do you any freaking good in the long run. I know plenty of people that swear by Shakeology, juice cleanses and even dated SlimFast diets to get a few quick pounds off before special events. As someone who is absolutely obsessed with delicious food it’s hard for me to imagine being satisfied with liquid meals.
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10 Tips for Going on a Liquid Diet People with Crohn's disease often struggle to digest food, particularly when symptoms flare up. A diet is said to be an all liquid diet if it mainly consists of liquids, or soft foods that can melt at room temperature, for instance, gelatin and ice creams. Most liquid diets consist of transparent liquid foods and don’t contain any solid particulates. Full strained liquid diets contain both transparent and opaque liquid form foods with a smooth consistency without red or purple color. Following a liquid protein diet before weight loss surgery enhances reduce of surgical risks. Immediately following a bariatric surgery, a Liquid Protein Diet provides nutrition as your body heals.
Liquid diet weight loss is a double-edged sword solution for weight loss as the foodstuffs are very low in calories. Weight loss through liquid diets expects the individuals to seek behavior modification and learn about the proper nutrition and portion control to help maintain this form of “body reduction.” Also, medical specialists advise various weight loss seekers to learn the triggers and reasons for overeating that contributes to develop better coping skills without turning to food for comfort. Liquid diet foods consist of liquids and foods that are liquid at the normal room temperatures.
The foods and liquid materials allowed on a liquid diet food consist of all food allowed on a clear liquid diet such as popsicles, clear juice without pulp, gelatin, ice chips, water, tea or coffee, broths, carbonated beverages, flavored water.
The use of liquid diet foods should be followed using a strict menu plan to make them work better in your body.

Diet means any food that is fortified with all the nutrients that the body requires to stay fit and healthy.
The main aim of liquid diet is to supply limited amount of calories to the body in other words liquid diet contains only that limited amount of calories that the body needs and uses effectively and not more. However, if you are in a great hurry to reduce weight, you can try out the liquid diet for weight loss till you can manage.
This entry was posted in Weight Loss Tips and tagged liquid diet for weight loss by Thomas Philips. Sometimes a liquid diet is the answer."If you have a hard time maintaining your weight with regular food, whether it's because you have diarrhea or a poor appetite, I absolutely recommend drinking calories, sort of in combination with food," says Tamara Duker Freuman, a registered dietitian in New York who specializes in digestive disorders. All liquid diets usually help to provide sufficient hydration, maintain electrolyte balance, and are often prescribed for individuals when solid diets aren’t recommended. The regimen enables you to consume a wider variety of foods, but the ones having smooth liquid consistency.
Most of the liquid diets provides between six hundred and eight hundred calories daily enabling a weight loss seeker gain their weight loss quickly. Liquid diet weight loss medical practitioners recommend individuals to avoid consuming some diets – fruit and vegetable juices and cayenne pepper lemonade drinks. For instance, a study published in the journal “Consulting and Clinical Psychology” in 1986, shows that individuals who seek medical advice about liquid diet weight loss have the highest probability to lose their weight more than those that don’t. Fat loss exercises, weight reducing programs, dieting are some of the ways adopted to handle weight gain and also to lose weight. Therefore, liquid diet means that you will receive all or most of your nutrition and calories from drinks. Researchers are of the opinion that a combination of liquid diet and solid food is ideal to maintain health as well as for weight loss.
Most probably, your doctor may prescribe a liquid protein diet preoperatively to enhance weight loss before a bariatric surgery and also a postoperative prescription to help you recover quickly.
Alongside other clear sugar-free fluids, it is essential to follow this diet for a span of about one to two weeks before the exact surgery date.

It is typical to have approximately six liquid meals every day, and a protein drink for three of these repasts.
After stopping the diet, you will realize that weight gain starts over as normal as previous eating habits are resumed. Also, liquid diet foods are essential for persons suffering severe intestine illnesses or have had surgery on their intestines – liquid diet foods are used for short terms like the transition step between a clear liquid and soft diet after a gastrointestinal surgery or procedures. The table below shows the specific foods and liquids that are allowed in a liquid diet food. It has been found that liquid diet for weight loss is also great in shedding pounds quickly and easily too. When you eat your meals, you cannot cut back on calories accurately which is possible in liquid diet. Sometimes liquids may not contain adequate amount of nutrients to replenish lost calories and one may therefore fall ill. As a result of this, doctors sometimes prescribe vitamin supplements for those individuals who take this diet. They may also prescribe a liquid protein diet to treat obesity if other diets have failed to “behave”.
A well planned liquid diet food is adequate in calories, proteins, and fats but could be inadequate in minerals, fiber, and vitamins especially vitamin B12, vitamin A and thiamin.
Moreover, while, on these diets, body exercises are recommended to those who wish to acquire strength while losing their weight.

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