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The gorgeous and curvaceous reality star, Kim Kardashian, has been well-known for her figure. In a recent interview on the Wendy Williams show, Wendy asked Kim personally about her complete body transformation in what seemed to be such a short span of time.
Kim Kardashian is reportedly on a drastic low-carb diet and has amped up her workout regimen to lose weight before her wedding.
Kim lost 50 pounds just five months after giving birth to daughter North (in June 2012) by following the low-carb Atkins diet, which limited her carb intake to less than 60 grams a day and calories to less than 2,200.
Kim's weight-loss plan was a low-carb, high-fat ketogenic-style diet known for producing rapid weight loss.

Kim is proud of the hard work she has put in, and slammed rumors that she got weight-loss surgery. While Kardashian is thrilled with her weight loss, she recently admitted she wants to lose an additional 10 pounds and look great for her summer wedding to Kanye West. And of course, there have been numerous reports that Kim had been going into 'extreme dieting mode' leading up to the wedding.
Kardashian also exercised almost every day, combining rigorous cardio workouts with strength-training. Recently, after divorcing her then husband Kris Humphries and then igniting an old flame with Kanye West, Kim revealed to the world that she was pregnant with Kanye’s child.

This native Indonesian fruit has been shown to help boost your metabolism and therefore promote highly efficient fat burning powers! After giving birth to her beautiful daughter, North West, Kim knew it was time to get back in the game and reclaim her body.
You do not need to have a Kim Kardashian bank account to have a Kim Kardashian weight loss system!

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