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Jimmy MooreLow-Carb Lifestyle ExaminerJimmy Moore is a freelance writer on the subject of low-carb diets borne out of his 180-pound weight loss in 2004. You can call it the Paleo diet, the Caveman plan, the Primal Blueprint or the Stone Age weight loss program - but whatever you call it, the food plan based on eating what our ancient hunter-gatherer ancestors ate has become one of the hottest diet trends. One of the main proponents of the Paleo diet, Mark Sisson is the author of "The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss, vibrant health, and boundless energy" (click to order). They also feel that low carb diets are better because they provide for optimized weight loss, increased HDL levels and reductions in both blood pressure and blood sugar. This article will state the pros and cons of each diet and in the end, the decision lies in the hands of the reader. The low carb diet on the other hand, advocates a diet that is extremely low in carbs or even in some cases, no carbs are allowed. All too often, the dieters on the low carb diet consume too few calories and this impedes their fat loss progress.
To summarize, if you have the discipline and determination, go for the paleo diet and you will have a diet that will last you a lifetime.
If you just can’t muster the determination to avoid your favorite foods, then go for the low carb diet.
June 28, 2014 by admin If you`ve stick with Paleo, you might have notice it’s a low Carb diet (somehow) excluding grains and sugar, Paleo Diet drops your carbohydrate consumption.

Paleo Diet: Only eat when you are supposed to and make sure you are consuming the right fats and enough proteins. Paleo Diet: According to Paleo, you have to consider is not only calcium intake but also calcium retention. Low Carb Diet: A lot of people will consume Omega 6 fatty acids which are widely found in vegetable and seed oil. Paleo Diet: Unlike Low Carb Diet, the Paleo diet is well organized and it balances the Omega 6 and Omega 3 ratio for better health.
We’ll also have some FREE PRIZES to give away to the people who attend and there is NO CHARGE to attend this meeting with your fellow Upstate SC low-carb dieters and Paleolithic followers. Some say it's the greatest thing since sliced bread (which needs to be gluten-free if you're following the Paleo plan), while others contend that there's room for improvement in that cave. Emphasizing the theory that the agricultural age led us away from the hunter-gatherer diets that our bodies were designed to digest, Mark emphasizes the importance of eliminating sugar and grains and the health benefits of enjoying eggs, meat and vegetables. Unlike the paleo diet which recommends a certain amount of carbs from vegetables and fruit. Many dieters make the mistake of consuming carbs such as whole wheat bread or ‘healthy’ cereals. The only positive thing about the low carb diet is that it has much more leeway in its food choices.

According to Paleo, Monounsaturated is good, saturated is bearable where polyunsaturated fats are not advised at all.
Low-carbers and Paleolithic followers from Asheville, NC to Spartanburg to Greenville and all the way down to Anderson, SC have not had an organized way to meet with each other, exchange ideas, and learn how to incorporate healthy high-fat, adequate protein, and low-carb nutrition into their lives.
Another leader in the field, Loren Cordain, focuses on scientific studies indicating that our bodies were meant to eat only certain groups of foods (fish, non-starchy vegetables, fruits, poultry), as revealed in his book, "The Paleo Diet Revised: Lose Weight and Get Healthy by Eating the Foods You Were Designed to Eat" (click to buy). This question is not really an easy one to answer because it all depends on the person adopting the diet. Your weight loss will be permanent and you will have a much lower chance of gaining weight since your blood sugar levels will be stable and there will not be any insulin spikes from high GI foods. The paleo diet is highly effective and as a result, people lose weight and this creates the idea that the paleo diet is about weight loss.
However, if you conquer your cravings and adopt the paleo diet, you will lose weight, look better and be healthier. Unlike the paleo diet which encourages the consumption of nutrient dense foods, which may make up for the lack of carbs, the low carb diet does not do that.

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