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The Vitamin C Can Cure Coalition is is a patient and family support group which has come together to promote the benefits of high dose vitamin C to resolve a variety of life threatening illnesses. Intravenous vitamin C is a registered medicine in New Zealand, yet this medication is currently being refused patients requesting it in New Zealand hospitals.
Intravenous vitamin C can be a lifesaving treatment when administered in a timely manner and in sufficient doses. To the Smith family’s shock, a new hospital consultant decided to discontinue the vitamin C treatment at this point, which led to further battles with the hospital administration.

One week later, the intravenous vitamin C (IVC) was restarted, but only at one measly gram, twice daily.
At his family’s request, Allan Smith was administered high dose intravenous vitamin C and made a full recovery and is alive and well today.
He’s also written extensively on topics such as dental toxicity issues from mercury amalgams and root canals, vaccine safety, and the clinical uses of vitamin C for infectious diseases.
Once Allan regained consciousness, he started taking 6 grams of oral Lypospheric vitamin C a day, at which point he began to rapidly improve.

Not only did the vitamin C cure Allan’s swine flu infection, but after spending nine weeks in an induced coma, he walked out of physical rehab after 13 days as opposed to the predicted three months.

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