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Breakfast, the first meal is always important but especially if a child has to walk a long way to school and does not eat much at midday. School children need plenty of good food, as their energy and nutrient needs are particularly high in relation to their size. Food rich in vitamin A are important for good eyesight, healthy skin and a strong immune system for protection from infections.
Foods rich in folate are especially important for adolescent girls and young women, in preparation for future pregnancies.
Foods rich in zinc are important for the body to function properly but many children do not get enough. A list of foods that are particularly rich in these and other important nutrients is set out in Nutrition Factsheet 3: Nutrients in Foods. Use the following table to compare the energy and nutrient needs of different members of the family. Define these terms: nutrition, nutrients, baby friendly hospital initiative (BFHI), protein energy malnutrition (PEM), and growth promotion monitoring (GPM). Having defined the word nutrition, let us discuss foods commonly eaten in our community and their nutrients. Although most foods are mixtures of nutrients, many of them contain a lot of one nutrient and a little of the other nutrients. Now that you know about nutrients, go back to the list you made of common foods in your community. If children are to stay healthy they must eat a mixed diet of different foods which contain the right amount of nutrients. Pregnant women need protein nutrients to build their bodies an that of the babies and placentas, and to make extra blood and storage of fat. Similarly, energy foods have a higher concentration of carbohydrates compared to other nutrients. Fats and oils are a concentrated source of calories and so are important nutrients for young children who cannot eat large meals. Vitamin D is important in the formation of bones in the body it helps calcium to be deposited in the growing bones of the children.

As a health worker you play an important role in up lifting the nutritional status of your people. Proper food processing can ensure that nutrient values of food are maintained at the highest possible level. The Ministry of Health recognises the importance of breastfeeding for the healthy growth and development of infants. The health worker is a very important person who can support and encourage a new mother so that she breastfeeds successfully.
It is very important for you to find out which foods are grown locally in your area and which foods are available in shops and markets. The position of the line on the chart: The slope of the line is more important than its position on the chart.
It is very important for you to take as much time as possible to explain about the Growth Chart to the caretaker. A note should be made on the Growth Chart of important events that affect the child’s growth and health. Similarly, the day that the baby is first given food other than breast milk, the day when the child is weaned, and the birth of another child are important events. Similarly, good nutrition is an important factor in helping a child achieve normal growth and development. This is not a very good message because it tells us to eat any food, and not food with particular nutrients that we may need such as proteins, carbohydrates etc.
Further, some foods contain higher concentration of one nutrient, for example meat has more protein than it has other nutrients, and that is why it is classified as a body building protein food. This is why it is so important that breastfeeding begins immediately after birth and continues frequently. You as a health worker, especially when you are working in a facility with a maternity unit, have an important role to play in protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding. As a health worker it would be very important for you to find out about feeding practices in your community. However, a small child who becomes ill or has a poor diet has less body stores of fat and other nutrients and so is more at risk of under-nutrition than a bigger child.

Parents, teachers and school catering staff need to ensure that children receive plenty of nutrient-rich foods.
One possible definition is as follows: Food is any substance that contains a nutrient which, when eaten, nourishes the body.
Foods that contain a lot of protein are called body-building foods because protein is the most important nutrient in them.
For example, the importance of fibre lies in keeping up the bulk of the contents of the intestinal tract and binding them in the large intestine into a soft faecal mass that can be properly expelled.
We shall also see that they are very important because they are cheaper and much easier to grow. The minerals that are of most importance in human nutrition are calcium, iron, iodine, and fluorine.
The more important reason is that we eat because our bodies need food to keep alive and stay healthy. It is important for you to know these hormones so that you can advise mothers and help them to produce enough milk. It is important to explain to the caretaker about the two curved lines that are printed on the Growth Chart. Foods in which the most important nutrients are vitamins or minerals are called protective foods. In either case, but especially in the latter, it is vitally important to provide extra protein-rich foods.
National and local occurrences of importance are also marked on it: these include storms, political elections, the opening of nearby roads, shops, etc. Vitamin and mineral deficiency diseases occur if the food does not contain sufficient amounts of essential nutrients that are required in very small amounts to protect the body against certain diseases. Important sources are dark green leafy vegetables, livers, kidneys, whole meal cereals, legumes, citrus fruit and fish.

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