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I took my daughter for her well visit today and had a long talk with the pediatrician about breastfeeding my new baby. I share this with you because I am passionate about breastfeeding and I wanted to inform all the breastfeeding moms to be careful dieting while breastfeeding because it can be unhealthy and it could effect your milk supply.
I had the exact opposite situation when I was breastfeeding, I was gaining weight but still milk supply diminishing. As a fitness professional and breastfeeding mother, I am still trying to get my behavior to match my knowledge, lol! As I said, it's really important to be careful when you try to lose weight while maintaining breastfeeding so that you don't lose your milk supply, and this is the only program I've found which actually deals with this specific concern.

All information on this site has been provided to empower breastfeeding women.It is not medical advice.
I thought I had breastfeeding all figured out especially after breastfeeding 5 children, boy was I wrong! Apparently babies are to gain 2 pounds a month while my baby has gained 1 pound a month which surprised me because she is a chunky baby.
I was told that loosing 10 pounds in 3 weeks was way to much weight to lose and to take my time. Discover THE post pregnancy weight loss secret not in any magazines or on any TV shows.It's PROVEN to help you DROP 11 POUNDS FAST and get you out of your frumpy pregnancy clothes and back into your skinny jeans!Say goodbye to stubborn post-pregnancy weight loss with an easy-to-follow checklist that helped one mom lose 25 pounds in less than 31 days!

Then I stated wondering about the low carb diet I have been on for 3 weeks.  In the last 3 weeks I have lost 10 pounds and had a goal to lose 20 more pounds before Christmas. Even with exclusive breastfeeding for 1 year AND consistent exercise, I have never dropped weight easily, and I know the fact that I have not focused on eating better is to blame.

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