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Try Steaming or Stir-fryingCertain cooking methods preserve more vitamin content than others. Avoid BoilingThe worst culprit for vitamin loss in vegetables is boiling them or simmering them in a liquid.
TipsTo prevent vitamin loss, cut vegetables in larger pieces before you cook them and cook them as close to the serving time as possible. When it comes to vegetables, though, good nutrition takes into account the quality of the vegetable as well as the quantity your family eats. The best way to serve vegetables is raw, so you don't need to argue with your toddler when she tells you she wants to eat raw carrot sticks with creamy dip for her vegetable instead of the boiled carrots.

The best way to cook vegetables is as little as possible and without soaking or boiling them in liquid. How you cook vegetables affects their nutritional value, particularly when it comes to vitamins and minerals.
Steaming or stir-frying the vegetables lightly cooks them without destroying much of the vitamin content. In certain preparations, boiling the vegetables is acceptable, such for vegetable soup, where you consume the cooking water along with the vegetables. If you have a toddler eating with you, puree or dice her vegetables after you cook them rather than cooking them to mush.

Cook the vegetables until they have just begun to turn tender and no longer, or you risk reducing their nutritional value.
Roasting or baking vegetables until they are soft also destroys the vitamin content, so pair your next Sunday roast with a heaping side of steamed vegetables tossed in creamy dressing instead of soft roasted vegetables.
This ensures that she benefits from as many vitamins as possible, while still making each piece small or soft enough for her to eat safely.

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