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The American Heart Association encourages Americans to start eating better to reduce the risk of heart disease — our No.
I think it's good to have days that encourage healthy eating, but especially when they encourage it as a life-long habit. The day is sponsored by the American Heart Association as part of their mission to improve the cardiovascular health of Americans 20 percent by 2020. Supersize Me got it right, eating fast food on a regular basis will have disastrous effects on your health.
Heidi A: I think that if you have never had any sort of emotional or other eating challenges it is easy to say that you don't know anyone who uses food for entertainment. I use moderation and balance to guide me to my healthy diet, and I eat only organics and no processed foods, so I couldn't really do much to make my diet healthier for me and for my family.
Then mark your calendar for November 7, National Eating Healthy Day, as a starting point to make better food choices, rely less on processed foods, eat more fresh fruits and veggies, and influence your life for the better.

Their fourth annual Healthy Eating Day focuses on making healthy changes in the workplace, but encourages everyone to get involved. You’ll feel more satisfied and energized as well as giving your body vital nutrients.
Food is rarely just something to stave off hunger, we eat because we’re bored, want something to do with friends, are stressed, celebrate a promotion or farewell, you name it. They raise your risk of stroke, heart attacks, obesity, high blood pressure, kidney damage, and more, and diet sodas are even worse than regular. Maybe you can commit to eating something similar every day, or at least most days, for a certain meal, like oatmeal and fruit for breakfasts or a green smoothie every lunch.
Making small excuses for why you’re eating, though, adds up to a big intake of unneeded calories by the end of the week. Sugary juice drinks and sports drinks should also be severely limited – make water your usual choice instead.

Choose spinach or kale over iceberg lettuce for salads, and make your own healthy, more flavorful dressing instead of using the highly processed supermarket ones.
Variety is needed to ensure you’re getting a proper balance of nutrients, so aim for colorful plates of each food group. At the store, pick new fruits and veggies each week along with your staples, and commit to using them creatively in meals.

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