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Last updated on Mar 4th, 2014 by Daina S Winters Leave a CommentFor a serious student, college life is stressful due to loads of work including paper works, class activities, and projects. Due to hectic workloads, most students forgot to think eating healthy and well-balanced meals.
However, if it’s unavoidable to eat fast foods for breakfast, or at least do it sometimes, choose the foods wisely like pizza with half the cheese in it, regular size roast beef sandwich with bake potato and lots of greens with low calorie dressing. Nutritionists, dieticians and fitness experts agree that eating in small portions can be very efficient in maintaining good health and weight. Young individuals like college students who are usually in their early 20s require calcium in order to develop the body and prevent conditions like osteoporosis at some point in life. Often, simple things like eating can sometimes neglected, and avoiding bad habits like eating on the go and skipping meals. Eating healthy meals regularly makes one feel better, improve performance during classes, and even do a lot better in sports.

Plus, eating in small portions means avoiding over eating that can eventually lead to weight gain. Instead, bring along foods that are considered healthy like whole wheat crackers, rice cakes, unbuttered popcorn, dried fruits or fresh fruits are better, or even pretzels.
Most of the time, students simply go to fast food restaurants, and definitely, the kinds of foods they eat are unhealthy. However, for those who do not like to drink milk, low-fat yogurt is also another good source of calcium. Hence, consuming a lot of these can lead to loading up more calories and eventually result to numerous health issues. Moreover, a well-organized schedules is very helpful to developing the habit of eating healthy. For example, instead of eating 3 large meals as most individuals do, portion serving allows one to consume more meals up to 5 meals in a day.

Having a bottle full of water in the bag is a smart idea and even during late night studying the lessons, water is a great healthy companion.
In fact, adding a little romantic or relaxing music while eating makes the meal more enjoyable.
Once you get used to it, you’ll never go back to drinking coffee or tea with sugar or with any other artificial sweeteners.

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