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Nutrition is about 50% of the healthy-diet-and-exercise touted as being necessary for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.
Several years ago I decided to stop putting little packets of sweetener in my coffee and started using real sugar instead.
You can also read my previous post here to find out about the many healthy benefits of adding fresh-squeezed lemon to your water. As a new mommy, I remember listening to some more seasoned mommies talking about trying to avoid their second and third meals– eating the food that the little ones left behind.
At some point we forget this, and try shoving as much food into our pie holes as we possibly can, leaving us feeling painfully bloated and guilt-ridden.
My mom took my tweedles and I out to dinner one night, and the boys piped up and told the waiter it was my birthday, which is was.
Pick a day of the week where the healthy eating plan is in remission, and you get to eat what you want.

At the time, I couldn’t imagine doing this, because my little guy did a number on the food on his plate, and whatever was left was not edible. It seems counter-productive, but it’s actually one of the best ways to help keep you on your healthy eating plan. And it generally flies out the door when there is anything remotely sweet within arms-reach.
Our bodies can’t function properly (including digesting food and moving it through our system) without adequate water.
I’ve gotten into the habit of grabbing my coffee cup in the morning, and filling it with water before filling it with coffee. I asked him to give it to me to go, and I stuck it in the freezer when I got home, so I could save it for my cheat day. I have three growing boys who will likely eat me out of house and home within the next few years.

Reward yourself with a banana rather than ice cream and you’ll save yourself oodles of calories. My kids know that Saturday is my cheat day, and if I start to eat something unhealthy, Demolition Man is usually the first to speak up, “Mom! But as a working single mom, it requires more preparation than boxed mac-n-cheese and canned corn on a Tuesday night. However, I have been able to adopt a few common sense changes to my diet to help me move closer to my healthier lifestyle goals. And while I may have dazzled you with my math skills earlier in this article, I’m really not a fan of calculating points or calories.

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