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Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Renee Zellweger, and Christian Bale are just a few of the many celebrities who've lost or gained significant amounts of weight to transform themselves in the name of art. In the world of Tinsel Town the glamorous stars are willing to go to extreme lengths for their art.
Bradley Cooper has become the latest to join the Hollywood elite after he gained 40 pounds for his upcoming movie. It’s one of the most iconic images when you think of Hollywood stars who shed weight for a role. The beefy actor had lost more than three stone – a quarter of his body mass – in a few short months for his role as an AIDS sufferer in new movie Dallas Buyers Club. Mila Kunis is the sexiest women on the planet but STILL had to shape up for her role in Black Swan. The same situation for Natalie Potrman who shed 20lbs for starring in the Oscar nominated movie. The handsome actor radically changed his appearance for his new role in movie Nightcrawler, according to reports in the US. We don’t know how many whole chicken’s at Nando's you have to eat before you grow biceps like Mark Wahlberg.
For her role in Million Dollar Baby, Swank had to gain fifteen pounds so she looked hard enough to be punched and not fall over.
Sexy Charlize Theron was on a mission to lose the weight she gained for movie Monster in time for the Acadamy awards. This is probably our favourite one for comedic value, firstly because we can't laugh at actors or actresses who put their health on the line for their jobs and secondly because it's absolutely HILARIOUS.
Jessica Simpson slimmed down out of her daisy dukes and into a skimpy and equally sexy bikini for movie Dukes of Hazard.
At How Celebrities Lose Weight we know it can be hard to find the real information about celebrity diets,  workout routines, fitness, weight loss secrets, and body building routines. We have found every weight loss interview, article, quote, and blurp on how these celebrities lose fat and stay in shape.

If you have tried diets, and exercise programs before, and tried to lose weight with no success, don’t be discouraged. If you are a guy and want to have the body of your favorite super hero, you can read about how Tobey Maquire got buff for Spiderman, or how Hugh Jackman gets ripped to play Wolverine in the X-Men movies, and how he likes the challenge of working out. Actors never shy away from transforming for a part, both offscreen and on, and their personal fitness routine is no exception. But after making millions from rapping (and his shares in Vitamin Water – fact) he began working on a movie career and a liquid-only diet combined with daily three-hour treadmill walks led to THIS. And, as the Oscar-winning Texas-born star now reveals, he achieved the extreme weight loss on little-to-no food – making him bad-tempered, not to mention ravenous.
What made her look so drastic is that she was arguably slimline enough before losing weight. Jake, 32, looks painfully thin with his protruding cheek bones and what looks like a generous rinse of Just For Men. He had to look like he's been stuck on a island for ages and it's fair to say the beard certainly helps. If you consider that 50 Cent lost a total of Christian’s entire body mass for his role – it makes it even more unbelievable. We have over three hundred celebrities on our celebrity body list, and it’s still growing every day! If they’re famous, and they look good, you’ll find them on How Celebrities Lose Weight sooner or later! It can be as easy as getting on the right diet, picking up some weights, buying a pair of running shoes, or just getting moving again. But for this group of female celebs that includes the likes of Pink, Hilary Duff, and Miley Cyrus, it's a bit more literal. No matter what your fitness goals are, or how much weight you want to lose, we think that celebrities can be a positive source of motivation. We want to give you the celebrity body information that you are looking for with no gossip.

Our suggested use for this website is to find your favorite celebrity on the column on the right. Keep reading to see amazing before and after pics of six stars that dropped major weight and learn just how they hit their goal. Celebrities hire top nutritionists, dietitians, and personal trainers to keep themselves in tip top Hollywood shape. Diets, exercises, workouts, and weight lifting regiments can be confusing without the right guidance. That is why we have also included as many interviews and articles with the incredible personal trainers that keep these celebrities looking so hot! But, if a celebrity mentions their weight in an interview, or a quote we will definitely put it up. We have a lot of healthy celebrities that don’t adhere to the size zero mentality that is so prevalent in Hollywood, and as we should all know by now, you have to eat Make sure that you have reasonable and healthy weight loss goal too. There are a lot of diets out there, and celebrities know diets, so we think that they have probably picked the best, and most effective ones to follow. If you are two feet taller than Eva Longoria, you probably won’t weigh as little as she does. With hundreds of celebrity bodies to choose from we think that you’ll find the celebrity diets, workouts, exercises, and weight loss secrets that you are looking for. On the other hand, I would guess Jessica Biel doesn’t weigh one hundred pounds, I mean she has muscle, it weighs more.
We hope this information motivates you with your fitness and weight loss goals, or even just peaks your curiosity in to what celebrities do to look so good!

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