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To improve access to healthy food, especially fresh fruit and vegetables, the Farm to Table Partnership connects senior meal and childcare programs with local farms.
HomeStretch is a home-based exercise program developed in partnership with the University of Washington that helps adults who struggle with chronic diseases become more active so they can better control their health. A volunteer supported walking program designed to get senior adults moving and gaining the health benefits of regular exercise.
Two years ago, the Carolina Geriatric Education Center at the UNC School of Medicine began training physical therapists to use the Otago Exercise Program, an evidence-based intervention program proven to reduce falls among older adults. While it’s true that the odds of falling dramatically increase with age, research shows that older adults who participate in prevention programs reduce their likelihood of falling.
For the past two years, the CGEC, with the help of the CDC, has been educating health care providers and older adults about an effective and accessible fall-prevention program called Otago. The CGEC believes that the more providers who are knowledgeable about evidence-based fall prevention, the better we can message to older adults that they can take steps to reduce their chances of falling, and the more likely they’ll be to try prevention programs that give them better strength and balance.
One of the unique aspects of Otago is that it is done in the privacy of one’s home, and when done correctly, older adults achieve the minimum dose of balance exercises necessary to achieve a protective effect.
Although the original program focused on training on frail adults over 80 years old, the CGEC believes that the therapy is perfectly appropriate for frail 65-year-olds as well.
Regular strength–balance exercises are highly recommended to reduce this problem and to improve health, well-being, and independence in old age. Developed by the New Zealand Falls Prevention Research Group in the late 1990s, the Otago Exercise Program improves strength and balance for patients, includes in-home physical therapy, and requires fewer one-on-one sessions over the course of a year.

However, many older people face a lack of motivation in addition to other strong barriers to exercise.
The Encore Web portal also provides older adults with access to hundreds of resources under the Health & Fitness heading. It may lead to reduced mobility, early nursing home admission, higher health care costs, and even premature death.
In North Carolina, falls are the number one reason both for emergency department admission and accidental death for older adults.
The American Geriatrics Society and British Geriatrics Society recommend that all adults older than 65 years be screened annually for a history of falls or balance impairment.
Includes relationship of nutrition to health and functionality, and demographic and health data for nutrition program participants. Otago only has 17 exercises, but at any time the patient is working on 5 to 10, which means they’re not being completely overwhelmed. These interventions are effective in decreasing falls and fall-related injuries in the community and nursing home settings, as well as in decreasing the number of persons who fall in the subacute hospital setting.
Adherence to the exercise plan was evaluated using performance data collected by the app and through information given by the participants during the study.
The app proved to assist and motivate independently living and healthy older adults to autonomously perform strength–balance exercises (median 6 on a 7-point Likert scale).
It has been demonstrated that components of health-related fitness and functional performance or serious, chronic conditions and diseases that directly influence the components of fitness and performance are related to perceived health among middle-aged and older adults [3-5].Regular physical activity or exercise substantially prevents the development and progression of most chronic degenerative diseases [6-8], is of benefit to frail and older persons, and is the only therapy found to simultaneously improve sarcopenia, physical function, cognitive performance, and mood in older adults [9].

We aimed to investigate (1) which information technology (IT)-mediated motivation strategies increased adherence to physical exercise training plans in older people, (2) whether these strategies could induce physical activity behavior change, and (3) the effectiveness of ActiveLifestyle training to improve gait speed.Related WorkHome environmental interventions to prevent functional decline seem to be effective [18] and are preferred by older people (ie, instead of leaving their houses to exercise) [19]. Furthermore, the effectiveness of tablet-based health intervention approaches has not yet been demonstrated in older people.From a pilot study, we knew it is feasible to use assistive technology devices in an older population with the aim of encouraging performance of physical exercise [20].
Albaina et al [29] presented a user-friendly software interface running on a small touchscreen display to motivate older adults to walk. The software takes usability aspects into account, to ensure that older users can use it independently and it adopts a set of motivation strategies to stimulate users to exercise regularly.
Sessions are composed of 3 exercises, in which the trainees repeatedly (1-3 times) hold a certain position for several seconds (15-30 sec). Each level has different exercises, allowing progression as the person advances through the levels (eg, at the intermediate level the older person must perform the exercises while standing on a towel; at the expert level the exercise must be performed with the eyes closed). Strength training has 3 levels and should be done twice a week; starting with 6 warm-up exercises, then 10 strength and 2 stretching exercises. All exercises are available on YouTube [35].In addition to the actual physical training, ActiveLifestyle features a set of individual and social motivation instruments. For convenience, the ActiveLifestyle groups were composed of (1) an individual group that followed training using the individual version of ActiveLifestyle; (2) a social group that followed training using the social version of the app, (3) a control group that followed exercises with printed information without additional motivation strategy.

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